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Thoughts on the Coronavirus Outbreak // Becoming a Warrior of Love Amidst Fear

Hi, dear souls.

I’m sure you are feeling the chaotic energy of the COVID-19 outbreak that is permeating our world right now.

Wherever you are, let’s take a deep breath together to tap into the calm, receptive space within.

Breathe in for a count of six. Hold at the top for a count of five. Exhale for a count of six. Ahhhh.

I have no doubt that those of you out there who are empathic or sensitive to energy in any way (which, really, is everyone) are feeling the heaviness of this time in your hearts and minds.

I have been feeling it palpably. I think the anxious, scattered vibrations of the world around me are getting me down more than fear of the actual illness itself.

For example, I just woke up from a night filled with anxious dreams.

In one of them, I was lost in the ocean and couldn’t find my way back to shore. If that’s not a reflection of the overwhelm my subconscious is experiencing due to the uncertain, scary situation we're in, I don’t know what is.

I want you to know that wherever you are and whatever effects of the coronavirus outbreak you are feeling, you are not alone.

We are experiencing this as one. I don’t think any person is untouched by the veil of worry that’s fallen over us.

You may be physically distancing yourself from people, but in heart, mind, and spirit, human beings around the globe are unified in their confusion and need for love, support, and compassion.

In the spirit of solidarity, unity, and deep empathy for those of you who, like me, are feeling pretty wigged out by all the confusion and turmoil, I wanted to share a few thoughts about this time.

These ideas have been shown to me by my Higher Self in meditations, journaling sessions, and conversations with trusted loved ones. Some are also inspired by my spiritual teachers.

The first big message that keeps coming into my consciousness is that this situation is teaching us to be empowered by the things we can control and surrender to those we can’t.

There are many things about this situation that are out of our control. We can’t control the existence of the virus. We can't control the actions of those around us. We can’t control the cancellations impacting us.

But we can control the way we respond.

We can control the way we take care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally (see below for a list of ways we can practice easy, fun self-care during this time). When we take control of our self-care, we set ourselves up to be more peaceful and loving. We become an example of calm for those around us, which inevitably has a ripple effect.

We can also control the way we treat others. When we choose to act with sensitivity and kindness (i.e. allowing someone to go ahead of you in line instead of acting from the fearful "need to be first" mentality), we become vessels of love rather than fear, which brings me to my second message.

I am getting the strong and clear sense from my Higher Self that “love over fear” is one of the BIG lessons of this time.

While it may seem like we have no choice but to succumb to the fearful energies and actions of those around us, this is our time to remember that choosing to redirect our anxiety and act from love is ALWAYS possible.

Some things we can do to set ourselves up to act from love rather than fear are: Meditate, pray, take a few quiet moments to do something that brings you joy, journal, reach out to friends and family, move your body through dance, yoga, or whatever feels good to you, consume uplifting media and literature, or breathing exercises.

Notice that each of these acts requires a slowing down. A heightened awareness of the present moment. This time away from our busy daily lives is giving us an opportunity to really turn inward and lean into the art of just being.

Feeding our souls in preparation to act from a place of love rather than fear requires us to hone into that place of inner peace that exists eternally within us.

It is in slowing down and becoming present that we disconnect from the anxious energy that’s currently permeating our world. That anxious energy relies on us buying into it, choosing to remain in its chaos, and feeding the fearful parts of ourselves with social media, news, etc.

The more we can disconnect ourselves from the anxiety, the better chance we have of elevating to a place of calm. From that state of calm, we can act from a place of love rather than fear. And it is the actions of love rather than fear that can start to heal the panic, fear, and discomfort of this wild time.

When we heal the discord by slowing down and nourishing our souls, we become the love warriors of the world.

Which brings me to my final thought.

As love warriors, this situation is giving us a unique opportunity to practice empathy – something the world as a whole is sorely lacking.

This is the time to exercise that parts of us that harbor deep compassion for others.

In what ways can we use this time to bring more compassion into the world?

How can you connect to those around you, even virtually? Can you reach out to a friend and check in with how they’re coping? Can you smile or send loving energy to a fellow panicked grocery shopper? Can you let someone go in front of you in line? Can you commiserate with a neighbor or colleague you may not normally interact with?

This virus does not have the power to cut us off from one another and stop us from living our lives unless we allow it to.

Instead, we have the choice to use this trying time as an opportunity to really lean into that calm center that exist forever within us. We have the chance to practice being vessels of love and light in the world. We get to connect and be compassionate with one another in a highly unique way.

For now, I will leave you with a list of my favorite tools for easy and fun at-home self-care, which have been my go-to’s for centering and grounding in the past few days.

You can begin the process of slowing down, taking stock, and returning to your beautiful calm center right now with any of these quick activities.

Easy and Fun Self-Care to Return You to Your Calm Center

· This tapping meditation for releasing coronavirus anxiety:

· A five-minute meditation in which you focus on your breath. In your mind, you can label your inhales “breathing in,” and your exhales “breathing out.” Let all other thoughts come and go without grasping.

· This calming yoga practice (or any at-home yoga practice from Yoga With Adriene):

· Put on an uplifting or fun podcast.

· Put on your favorite upbeat music and have a mini dance party with yourself or a loved one. You’ll be amazed by how quickly this shifts and moves stagnant energy. Here’s my favorite song to dance-party to:

· Do the deep breathing exercise at the beginning of this post for about a minute to activate the vagus nerve.

· Journal about what you’re feeling. For details on spiritual journaling, visit my last post here.

· If you enjoy higher intensity work-outs, try this one from Fitness Blender:

· Call a beloved friend.

· Reach out to someone and find out how they’re coping.

· Go outside. The virus hates sunlight. Sit in the sun with a nice beverage and listen to something that makes you happy. For more on connecting to Mother Nature as one of our greatest healers, visit my post here.

· Shake, move, dance, tap, or do any type of intuitive movement that helps you move stagnant energy.

· Repeat a positive affirmation to yourself for one minute. Two of my favorites right now are “I am safe” and “I am love.”

With love and light to you, warrior. In healing ourselves, we heal the world. Xoxo.

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Scott Davis
Scott Davis
15 mrt. 2020

Maya - Thank you for these creative ideas for dealing with the coronavirus. We can all use this advice right now!


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