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Learn the Codes of Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is running about 95% of your life behind the scenes.


It's time to stop being controlled by the beliefs, stories, and identities that have been looping in your subconscious mind and blocking you from experiencing your dream version of reality for years.


Join the free 5-day IG Live series to learn the 5 most important functions of your subconscious mind, so that you can hack your nervous system to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you

When you learn to speak the language of the subconscious, you can begin to take control of the beliefs, decisions, stories, and identities you're living by by 24/7, thereby allowing you to reclaim confidence, calm, and consistency as you manifest your dreams on autopilot.

1. Daily Live Trainings

Daily trainings will take place on Instagram live (@somedaymysoul) from Monday, April 4th to Friday, April 8th at 12pm EST.

Each day we will cover one of the five most important functions of the subconscious mind, and how that function is impacting your daily life without you even realizing it.

2. Journaling Prompts & Mantras

By signing up for the challenge, you will receive daily journaling prompts and mantras for further reflection and integration of each free lesson.

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