About Maya

Hi, beautiful soul! I'm Maya.


Here are a few ways I like to describe myself: writer, Reiki healer, meditation leader, musician, die-hard SoulCycler, Netflix-and-chill-nights-in-loving introvert, and Virginian-turned-Miamian (the mountains and the ocean call to me equally). But on a deeper level - the level of the soul - I am an eternal soul having a human experience, seeking to come into the fullness of my authenticity, inner power, purpose in this life, and connection to Divine consciousness.

After I received my Master's degree in Vocal Performance (yup, I'm an opera singer!), I realized that the competitive path to a performing career no longer felt aligned and was causing more emotional damage than good. I felt a strong pull to deepen my spirituality through yoga, meditation, journaling, honing my intuition, and bingeing every spiritual podcast in sight.


While spirituality had been part of my life since a very young age (my mother is a lifelong spiritual seeker and teacher), I knew it was time to expand and into my unique version of spirituality, not conforming to any external standard. In turn, I knew I wanted to share the ebbs and flows of the journey through one of my all-time favorite creative mediums: writing. 

I created this platform as a safe haven for us to experience spirituality and wellness as a community. We can hold each other's hands through the triumphs and the challenges.  


Every soul's journey looks different, and I want to empower you with the knowledge that your version of spirituality doesn't have to look like anyone else's. If you feel joyful and authentic in your daily life and work, you're living it. Pure confidence and love of life is your birthright, and the Universe is conspiring at this very moment to bring that to you. If you don't feel that way yet, know that simply by being here and seeking deeper meaning in your life, you've already begun the process. 

You are your own healer and your own guide.


I'm simply here to support and facilitate by way of vulnerable and honest blog posts from the heart, guided meditations, one-on-one Reiki healings, fun tips, love notes, and high vibes. I am here to support your growth, so please don't hesitate to contact me about anything and everything, spirituality or otherwise. You're so much more powerful than you know, and you're never alone. Are you ready to discover the light within?

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