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Hi, beautiful soul!

My name is Maya, and I am here to show you that you hold the power to create the life of your wildest dreams.

Get to know me...


As a spiritual life coach specializing in mindset, manifestation, and subconscious reprogramming, a Reiki Master energy healer, writer, meditation guide, and lifelong soul-searcher, my passion is reminding womxn that they are powerful, worthy beings capable of creating a life they're wildly obsessed with by transforming their mindset, removing their roadblocks like anxiety and doubt, and take inspired action towards their desires. 


Where it all started...

Several years ago, I was training to become a professional opera singer at the Master's level. While music will always be one of my deepest passions in this life, in the later years of my training, I started to feel burnt out, mis-aligned, and deeply disconnected from my own voice.


My voice began to give out.

It buckled under physical and emotional tension after years of pressure, the overwhelm of external opinions, and trying to fit my voice into the box of what I was "supposed to sound like" rather than singing in a way that felt authentic to me.

I nearly lost the ability to produce sound. It was heartbreaking to feel so cut off from the thing I had been studying and working towards for the last 10 years.


This was a big wake-up call, and at the end of my Master's program I chose to listen to my body and heart, and decided that the competitive path to a performing career was no longer aligned with my soul's highest purpose.


I don't think there's any coincidence that around the same time, I felt a strong pull to deepen my spirituality.

Although I had been practicing spirituality since childhood (Fun fact: I actually first became certified in Reiki at age 10!) and relied on meditation, energy healing, tapping, counseling, and other holistic methods to heal from the severe panic and anxiety disorder I struggled with from ages 5 to 10, I was called to rediscover these practices on my own terms as an adult.

The undeniable intuitive nudge brought me to yoga, meditation, journaling, honing my intuition, and bingeing every spiritual podcast, book, program, and healing modality in sight.

Soon, I began to feel the nudge to share all that I was learning, as I knew that it had the power to help so many women come home to themselves, as was happening for me.

More on this below...

It all started with a blog...

As I reignited my spirituality and began to recognize my deep passion for it, I started to feel the strong desire to create a community for souls who - like myself - were on the journey back home to themselves and wanted to chase their soul's desires and callings. I knew I wanted to share the ebbs and flows of my spiritual path to pay forward all I'd learned, so I started the Someday My Soul blog.

As a lifelong lover of words and effusive writer, it made perfect sense for me to create this space as a safe haven for us to learn and grow through the triumphs and challenges of reclaiming our inner power.

As I slowly and lovingly released my trajectory as a professional musician, my love for the Someday My Soul community and the transformations, realizations, and growth I was witnessing in my readers began to ignite my soul in a new way.

Through the continuation of my personal development journey, learning to communicate with Source and my spirit guides, and healing my old conditioned patterns of playing small, I recognized that my purpose in this lifetime is to lead other womxn back home to their inner power so that they can remove their roadblocks and limiting patters on the deepest level, heal their minds and hearts, and courageously take action towards their soul's desires for this lifetime.


My mission now is a powerful yet simple one... To guide as many womxn as possible back to their inner power, clear the subconscious programming that's holding them back, and assist them in powerfully taking action towards the goals and desires they've been keeping on the back burner for years. 

Since returning to my own inner power and next-level self, I have manifested...

⤅ the love of my life
⤅ soul friendships
⤅ the business of my dreams
⤅ a thriving money mindset and big abundance
⤅ top-notch mentors and programs that have guided me on my entrepreneurial journey
⤅ my dream home

⤅ a healed relationship with exercise (diehard SoulCycler over here!)
⤅ a healed relationship with food (unashamed cheesy pasta lover, too)

⤅ and so much more!


This is possible for you, too.

In service of that mission, I am committed to becoming the best possible coach, healer, speaker, leader, and guide so that I can facilitate the MASSIVE transformations you are seeking for your life.

My credentials to date include...

Reiki Master Energy Healer

Certified via the Yes Supply Method
Neural Energetic Wiring
Neural Energetic Encoding (TIME Techniques)
Mindset Coaching
EFT Tapping

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 6.18.26 PM.png

Now that you've heard my story, I want to know yours!

Ready to reclaim who you were born to be?

Let's connect on a complimentary Empowered & Aligned Strategy Call.

When we connect, we can create a sacred space for you to speak your dreams out into the Universe and determine whether you are a good fit for my 1:1 coaching programs!

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