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The Goddess Rewire


Join the live Workshop

👇 Thursday, April 21st at 6:30pm EST 👇

Experience Subconscious Reprogramming to Wire Your Nervous System for the 3 C's...


What is the Goddess Rewire? 

The Goddess Rewire is a transformative 90-minute mind/body/soul experience rooted in subconscious reprogramming.

The subconscious mind dictates 95% of what happens in your outer reality. If your subconscious has been looping the same unsupportive stories and beliefs like "I'm not worthy" or "I could never find my soulmate," then you will continue to self-sabotage and see results that reflect those beliefs.


The supportiveness of your subconscious belief systems, decisions, and patterns is the #1 predictor of your ability to manifest.

That's why I've designed this workshop to help you powerfully rewire your subconscious mind for the 3 C's, which are the biggest keys to manifesting a life you are 100% in love with:

Calm, Confidence, and Consistency.

Working With the 3 C's

Who is leading this workshop?


This workshop will be led by certified spiritual life coach and subconscious reprogramming specialist, Maya Davis. Maya has worked with countless womxn internationally to help them rewire their subconscious beliefs for success, powerfully move past roadblocks like fear of failure, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress so that they can truly embody their highest purpose.

Maya believes that all womxn are sacred, unique expressions of the Divine feminine, and that when they learn to return to their inherent worth and unstoppable inner power, they raise the vibration of the planet closer to love and oneness. Maya's mission is to help as many womxn as possible to embody their purpose so they can lead the planet forward in a powerful movement towards more love, sovereignty, and freedom.

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