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You know you were put on this earth for a unique purpose.

You have soul-led passions. You you were born to be a lightworker during this pivotal time in the world. You know exactly what you want to do, and you see so many others doing it. 

Coaches, healers, guides, space-holders, and creatives making waves in the soul-led entrepreneurial space.

So why aren't you joining them?

You fear allowing yourself to be seen and your message to be heard. You feel like an imposter. You've decided that the life you want belongs to someone else and not you. You fear failure - or maybe even massive success. 

You struggle DAILY with wanting to bridge the gap between your current life and the life of purpose and passion you want to call in.

I know exactly how you feel, because I felt it 4 years ago before I ditched my old limiting beliefs and programming and invested in high-level support so I could build the wildly successful business of my dreams.

That's why I've created the solution for you.

Sacred Leader Academy is the blueprint that will take you from your old life of fear and inaction...

into your new life of passion, purpose, and abundance.


This program is led by certified spiritual life coach and subconscious reprogramming specialist, Maya Davis. Maya has worked with countless womxn internationally to help them rewire their subconscious beliefs for success, powerfully move past roadblocks like fear of failure, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress so that they can truly embody their highest purpose, all while building the successful soul-led biz of her dreams. 

Maya believes that all womxn are sacred, unique expressions of the Divine feminine, and that when they learn to return to their inherent worth and unstoppable inner power, they raise the vibration of the planet closer to love and oneness. Maya's mission is to help as many womxn as possible to embody their purpose so they can lead the planet forward in a powerful movement towards more love, sovereignty, and freedom.

Who is leading the program?

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