Hi, beautiful soul.

I'm so glad you're here. If you're seeking a safe haven on your spiritual journey, you've come to the right place. I promise to...

✨ Vulnerably share the ups and downs of my spiritual journey with you. Realness, always.

✨ Help you celebrate your unique version of spirituality

✨ Provide you with fun wellness hacks and high vibes

✨ Guide you through meditations and Reiki experiences

✨ Give you a space to come home to your beautiful soul

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Guided Meditations

I offer a variety of guided meditations to help with anxiety, self-worth, connection to the Divine, and more! 




Meet Me!

I'm so grateful you're here! I'm blogger, Reiki master, meditation guide, musician, and forever soul-searcher Maya Davis. I created Someday My Soul as a space for us to celebrate and experience all the ebbs and flows of spirituality and wellness together as a community. The words "Someday My Soul" are borrowed from Rollo Dilworth's choral work entitled "Jordan's Angels," and symbolize the continuous journey inward to discovering our inner light, the interconnectedness of all our souls, and our inherent connection to the Divine. 

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Distance Reiki Healing

When I began practicing Reiki, I remember thinking, "This energy is everything I've ever needed." it brought me a sense of inner peace and Divine protection that I want everyone to experience. This is why I'm passionate about sharing the absolute magic of Reiki. I offer 22-minute distance healings by donation. My sessions will bring you peace, clarity, deep relaxation, connection to Divine consciousness, and more! Are you ready to give yourself the gift of Reiki? You so deserve it.