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This space was created to support you on your journey to spiritual awakening. I am dedicated to vulnerably sharing my spiritual journey with you, helping you celebrate your unique version of spirituality, providing you with fun wellness hacks and high vibes, and giving you a space to come home to your beautiful soul.

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Guided Meditations

I offer a variety of guided meditations to help with anxiety, self-worth, connection to the Divine, and more! 




Hi, beautiful soul!

I'm so grateful you're here! I'm musician, Reiki Master, writer, and soul-searcher Maya Davis. I created Someday My Soul as a space to celebrate all things spirituality, wellness, lifestyle, and joy. The words "Someday My Soul" are borrowed from Rollo Dilworth's choral work entitled "Jordan's Angels," and symbolize my dream of living life from a place of connection to my inner power, and in turn to share and reflect that power within YOU!

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Distance Reiki Healing

I am highly passionate about sharing the absolute magic of Reiki. I offer 22-minute distance healings by donation. My sessions will bring you peace, clarity, deep relaxation, connection to Divine consciousness, and more! Are you ready to experience this beautiful energy?

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