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I'm a Manifestation Coach and I'm Watching a 5-Day Manifestation Basics Workshop... Here's Why

A few days ago, I decided on a whim to sign up for a 5-day workshop with a well-known manifestation expert I've followed for years.

The subject matter is all stuff I already "know"... how to manifest your glow-up, how to release what's not serving you, tapping into the vibration of your future self who already has it, etc.

But my intuition was giving me that little *buzz* of a YES (if you know, you know). Even though it didn't make logical sense to register for something that's essentially teaching me the basics all over again, I trusted the feeling.

Since saying yes and letting myself dive back into the basics of a subject I've been studying and practicing many years, I've picked up a few lessons along the way that I want to share.

  1. You never outgrow the basics. Even though I've known the basics for years, there is ALWAYS a deeper level of integration & expansion to be reached.

  2. You can learn something 300 times, but the 301st time, someone might say it in a new way in a new context - and it hits COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

  3. In order to hold space for others, you need to put yourself in situations where that same space is being held for you.

  4. True mastery isn't always about learning MORE information. It's about deepening your embodiment of the basics. Repeatedly.

  5. It's FUN to learn, especially if you're in love with the journey.

The bottom line is this...

I'm invested in my own expansion at all levels: the absolute basics AND the super high-level spaces that stretch me way beyond my comfort zone. The basics often hit the hardest.

They touch on the tender places of truth that my soul has known for lifetimes, but so easily forgets in the day to day flurry.

Returning to the basics again and again in new ways - opening myself to hearing "old" concepts with totally fresh eyes and a mindset for breakthrough - is how I've anchored in this work so deeply that it's become an extension of who I am.

Become a true embodiment of your work. Not just an intellectual understanding of it.

I've occasionally had people ask me throughout my years of working as a coach & healer for women, "I've done so much personal development work already. How is what you offer going to be different?"

This is the answer...

Mastery is deepening, deepening, and MORE deepening of the foundation you've already set.

Mastery is staying open to the fact that someone could say something you've heard 300 times, but in the right way at the right time that blows your whole world open to a completely new level of "getting it."

Mastery is LOVING the journey so much that you're willing to stay a student forever.

Interestingly, most of the women who come into my containers these days are already SUPER solid in their personal practices, inner alignment, etc...

But they know there is more.

More support, more discovery, more love, more fun, more healing, more depth, more growth.

They're in love with the journey. Staying humble and in love with the journey will make you a master.

It will make you a living, breathing embodiment of your work. Not just an intellectualizer of it.

If you feel this - if your soul GETS what I'm getting at here - I think we're meant to play in the world of soul expansion together!

My brand new women's group healing & manifestation program, Magnetic | Healed | Free, begins Monday.

This 8-week experience is designed to break the chains of whatever is stopping you from reaching your next level & become the most magnetic self you've ever been.

It's every tool in my toolkit as a 5x certified coach, Reiki master energy healer, 4th generation spiritual intuitive, and 20+ year student of spirituality and personal development. PLUS, you get to learn it alongside some of the most incredible women I know - the goddesses who have already said yes to joining the container.

Will there be some basics? OF COURSE.

Will they be framed in a deeply potent way you've never heard before? YES.

Will you gain immense value simply by saying yes to staying on the journey and deepening the embodiment of the work you're already doing? YES.

Am I channeling soul truths from higher consciousness that will reconnect you to your soul in a way that will bring you to tears throughout this 8-week process? ABSOLUTELY.

This program is about BECOMING the embodiment.

We start Monday 8/7!!!


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