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Hey, gorgeous lightworker.

Are you ready to FINALLY stop trying to make a "traditional career path" work for you while your soul cries in the corner...

and step into the juicy, passionate, soul-led life & online biz of your dreams?

👉🏼 Do you want to learn how to build & nurture a community of soulmate clients who absolutely cannot wait to throw their money at you?

👉🏼 Do you want to craft a gorgeous, authentic offering that you feel absolutely amazing about selling? (Think, 'DUHHH, this is valuable AF' energy.)

👉🏼 Do you want a 3-month plan to signing your first soulmate client or making your first big sale?

👉🏼 Do you want to DITCH imposter syndrome, worthiness wounds, playing small, and good-girl conditioning on the deepest subconscious level?

👉🏼 Do you want the blueprint to FULLY embodying the leader, coach, guide, teacher, creator, badass CEO, and lightworker you were born to be?

Well babe, look no further.

✨Sacred Leader Academy is here for you. ✨

Sacred Leader Academy will help you...

🦋 Feel safe and empowered claiming your purpose, taking up space online, and taking REAL-WORLD action steps towards the soul-led biz of your dreams

🦋 Authentically build a community of followers who will turn into soulmate clients

🦋 Create content that gets your community uber excited to buy from you

🦋 Embody sacred leadership, authority, taking up space, and boss-bitch CEO energy (all while staying grounded in Divine Feminine softness & flow)

🦋 Release imposter syndrome, fears of failure & success, worthiness, visibility wounds, abandonment, and people-pleasing on the deepest subconscious level (byeeee!)


🦋 Craft a signature offering that feels deeply authentic to you & EASY to price at its true value. ("Duh I'm charing that much, this is valuable AF." -You selling your offering)

🦋 Position yourself as a leader so that people in your community KNOW you are the go-to gal in your niche

🦋 Create a clear, doable 3-month plan to get your first soulmate client or big sale WITHOUT burning out or working to the bone.



Who is leading this program?

 👋🏼 My name is Maya & I am a spiritual life and mindset coach, certified subconscious reprogramming practitioner, and soul-led online biz and leadership mentor. 

🌎 I have worked with countless womxn internationally to help them rewire their subconscious beliefs for success, move past roadblocks like fear of failure, self-doubt, anxiety, and burnout so that they can embody their highest purpose.

🧚🏽‍♀️ I believe that all women are sacred, unique expressions of the Divine feminine, and that when they learn to return to their inherent worth and unstoppable inner power, they raise the vibration of the planet closer to love and oneness.


💛 My mission is to help as many women as possible to embody their purpose so they can lead the planet forward in a powerful movement towards more love, sovereignty, and freedom.


A little more about me...

📈 I am running the soul-led coaching biz of my dreams, creating my own schedule, bringing in $9K+ months, attracting soulmate clients, and selling high-ticket, soul-aligned coaching programs with ease.

💥 I have mastered the art of authentic content and built a highly engaged audience.

💸 I've crafted & sold long- and short-term 1:1 programs, group programs, and single-session offerings.

💻 I've sold low-, mid-, and high-ticket offerings through DMs, sales calls, and webinars.



Vulnerable story time...

Four years ago, I was a second-year Master's student in classical opera performance sitting on the kitchen floor of my Miami apartment, writing an email to my favorite spiritual entrepreneur BEGGING her for advice on how I could do what she was doing. (Yes, for REAL.) 😰

My soul purpose was calling me LOUD and clear. 📣


I was desperate to answer the call, but there was one problem...



My SOUL was ready but my MIND was not yet on board. 


Thankfully, the right coaches and resources were eventually placed in my path. Fast-forward to now, I'm running the soul-led business of my dreams full-time, creating my own schedule, bringing in $9K months and selling high-ticket coaching programs with ease. 

But it didn't have to take 4 years. And I didn't have to suffer through those first few years feeling lost and alone. 


🗣 Neither should you. 🗣

✨That's why I created
Sacred Leader Academy. ✨


Sacred Leader Academy is for you if...

➡️ You are a brand new or aspiring soul-led and service-based biz owner (coaches, healers, guides, mentors, artists, creators) and you've never made a sale or are making less than $2K/month.

➡️ You know your purpose is in the realm of creativity, healing, coaching, or teaching, but you lack clarity on how to package it all up into an offer that sells.

➡️ You've done lots of inner work & maybe even have a spiritual practice, but that bitchy little voice in your head is still telling you that success in soul-led entrepreneurship isn't possible for you. 

➡️ You've been talking about creating a business based around your passions for years, but every time you get a little momentum, you self-sabotage and stop yourself from moving forward in a significant way.

➡️ Making money off of your passions, creating your own schedule, and unique signature offer sounds like a pipe dream.


➡️ You know you were were NOT made for the soul-crushing 9-5 life working for someone else, but you don't have the first clue about creating a sustainable biz online.

➡️ You struggle with... 

Worthiness wounds
Visibility wounds
Imposter syndrome
Good-girl conditioning
Fear of taking up space
Fear of going off the "traditional, acceptable" path

...or any other fun limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in procrastination 🙃

➡️ You have any of these limiting beliefs around business...
"Marketing is sleazy and gross."
"It's bad to charge money for my gifts."

"I have no idea how to get more followers."

"I have no idea how to write good web copy."

"Sales??? WTF?"


What's inside the program? 🤔

🔥 Lifetime access to the Sacred Leader curriculum:

6 transformational video modules ( + orientation and bonuses) that will teach you to...


📈 Build a community of followers who will turn into soulmate clients

✏️ Craft a signature offer that you feel great about selling

💸 Create a 3-month plan for getting your first soulmate client or big sale (and then do it again and again and again)

... ✨ and of course, embody Sacred Leadership on the deepest levels of the mind, body, and soul.

🔥 12 weeks of LIVE, weekly group coaching calls. These will be a combination of Q&A, hot-seat coaching, and group exercises.


🔥 Private peer-support Voxer group chat for all members of the program to share what they're working on, celebrate wins, get support, and collaborate. 

The Sacred Leader Curriculum 

Module 0

🦋 Orientation & Welcome: Celebration!!!, Foundations of Sacred Leader Mindset, How to Get Real Results




POWERFUL EFT Tapping for Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


Hypnosis for Sacred Leader Embodiment


Design Your Dream Life & Soul-Led Biz: Manifestation Workbook 

Module 1

🦋 Reconnect to Your Soul's INFINITE POTENTIAL: Understanding your subconscious conditioning (how you got mis-aligned & how to fix it), inner child & true self remembrance, and reclaiming your birthright to shine your LIGHT 




Meditation for reuniting with your true self (and making the sacred promise not to abandon her again) 💖

Module 2

🦋 Heal Your Conditioning: Healing Inner Child, Limiting Beliefs, and Old Wounds, Shadow work as radical self-love, powerful subconscious reprogramming to release limiting beliefs 




Anchoring: NLP exercise for getting into the vibration of the version of yourself who has fully released these limitations

Module 3

🦋 Embodying Your Next-Level Self: Getting clear on the identity & vibration of your next-level self, stepping into the mindsets of leadership, authority, taking up space, & boss-babe energy 




The Beyoncé exercise 👀

Module 4

🦋 Show Up As the Light Worker You Were Born to Be: Building a community of followers who will become soulmate clients, positioning yourself as a leader, authentic content creation & intuitive organic marketing, and effortless DM starter script




SWISH Pattern: NLP technique for programming in new behaviors on the deepest levels of the mind so you don't have to rely solely on willpower 

Module 5

🦋 Your "HELL YES" Signature Offer: Getting crystal clear on the unique gifts your soulmate clients are dying for you to share, creating & pricing an irresistible signature offer that feels easy to sell, and the feminine frameworks for online sales




Neural Energetic Encoding: A powerful subconscious reprogramming exercise to program the moment of your first sale into your future timeline and know on the deepest level that it is already done

Module 6

Bonus Videos

🦋 Stepping Into Your Next-Level Life & Biz: Creating your 3-month action plan for getting your first soulmate client or big sale (and then doing it again and again - also, you'll probably do this much sooner than 3 months 😉), high-vibe business models, self-care and boundaries as a soul-led entrepreneur, embodying your purpose sustainably

🦋 Connecting to Divine Source energy, your intuition, and spirit guides

🦋 Meditation to discover your sign

🦋 Your next steps as a soul-led leader

Okay gorgeous lightworker, are you feeling that little 💫 ping 💫 in your soul? That is your sign that it's time for the next step.

👇 Get yourself on the waitlist ASAP. There are only 5 early-bird spots available and waitlist members will have first access.👇

Sign up for the waitlist below!

Early-bird pricing & bonuses ($500 off the program PLUS a 90-minute 1:1 business strategy call with me) are available to the first 5 sign-ups ONLY.

The Universe rewards those who say a powerful & courageous YES to their soul's callings. Will you answer?

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It's time to make the powerful choice to claim your purpose. Apply for Sacred Leader Academy now.

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