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Hey, gorgeous lightworker.

Are you ready to FINALLY stop trying to make a "traditional career path" work for you while your soul cries in the corner...

and step into the juicy, passionate, soul-led life & online biz of your dreams?

👉🏼 Do you want to learn how to build & nurture a community of soulmate clients who absolutely cannot wait to throw their money at you?

👉🏼 Do you want to craft a gorgeous, authentic offering that you feel absolutely amazing about selling? (Think, 'DUHHH, this is valuable AF' energy.)

👉🏼 Do you want a 3-month plan to signing your first soulmate client or making your first big sale?

👉🏼 Do you want to DITCH imposter syndrome, worthiness wounds, playing small, and good-girl conditioning on the deepest subconscious level?

👉🏼 Do you want the blueprint to FULLY embodying the leader, coach, guide, teacher, creator, badass CEO, and lightworker you were born to be?

Well babe, look no further.

✨Sacred Leader Academy is here for you. ✨

This experience will allow you to... 

🦋 Feel safe and empowered claiming your purpose, taking up space online, and taking REAL-WORLD action steps towards the soul-led biz of your dreams

🦋 Authentically build a community of followers who will turn into soulmate clients

🦋 Create content that gets your community uber excited to buy from you

🦋 Embody sacred leadership, authority, taking up space, and boss-bitch CEO energy (all while staying grounded in Divine Feminine softness & flow)

🦋 Release imposter syndrome, fears of failure & success, worthiness, visibility wounds, abandonment, and people-pleasing on the deepest subconscious level (byeeee!)


🦋 Craft a signature offering that feels deeply authentic to you & EASY to price at its true value. ("Duh I'm charing that much, this is valuable AF." -You selling your offering)

🦋 Position yourself as a leader so that people in your community KNOW you are the go-to gal in your niche

🦋 Create a clear, doable 3-month plan to get your first soulmate client or big sale WITHOUT burning out or working to the bone.



Who is leading the program?

This program is led by certified spiritual life coach and subconscious reprogramming specialist, Maya Davis. Maya has worked with countless womxn internationally to help them rewire their subconscious beliefs for success, powerfully move past roadblocks like fear of failure, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress so that they can truly embody their highest purpose, all while building the successful soul-led biz of her dreams, making $9K months, mastering the art of content, and selling high-ticket programs.

Maya believes that all womxn are sacred, unique expressions of the Divine feminine, and that when they learn to return to their inherent worth and unstoppable inner power, they raise the vibration of the planet closer to love and oneness. Maya's mission is to help as many womxn as possible to embody their purpose so they can lead the planet forward in a powerful movement towards more love, sovereignty, and freedom.

Copy of FB Cover Photos (1).png
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