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Are you ready to start 2021 off

standing in your full power and worth?

Anchored in Source is a 60-minute live workshop hosted on Zoom.

I will draw on the spiritual knowledge I have gleaned through years of study and immersion as well as my personal experience with Source energy and the spiritual practices that have connected me to it.

A loving, compassionate space will be opened where you will have the opportunity to...

  • Learn the definition of Source energy

  • Reconnect to who you truly are: an infinitely powerful soul with access to Source at all times

  • Uncover the true reasons you feel disconnected, burnt out, lost, or in need of something more

  • Discover spiritual practices that will reinvigorate you

  • Experience guided meditation, Reiki, journaling, communication with your spirit guides, and more

  • Begin to craft a spiritual practice of your own

  • Realign with what truly brings you joy, lights you up, and connects you to your deepest power and worth

  • Ask questions and reflect

  • Be entered to win a free Reiki healing or Tarot card pull

  • ...and more!

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