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My Craziest Reiki Experiences (Sensations, Nosies, and Synchronicities Galore)

Hello, beautiful soul.

What a time to be alive, right??? Have you taken a deep breath today?

It’s been a wild ride to say the least, but I know in my bones that each of our souls signed up for this and came at this time in history for a specific purpose. We came to grow and evolve in beautiful ways, experience love and joy and laughter in the most mundane moments despite the crazy going on around us, and lead the way in light.

From an energetic perspective, the period before a big upleveling is always messy. This goes for individuals as well as the collective. Lacy Phillips, one of my favorite manifestation coaches, calls the period of time before a breakthrough the “magic dark.” The world is experiencing a large-scale “magic dark,” collectively purging its old energy so that we can ultimately move forward at a higher level of consciousness.

We’re getting ready to move forward in love. Do you feel it?

I’m so grateful that we’re in this together. My fellow soul-searchers, light workers, and like-minded spirits never fail to lead the way for me when I feel lost. We are blessed to be in communion with one another during this great turning.

The blessings are abundant, but that doesn’t mean things don’t get really, really hard. (Or, if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan like me, things get “dark and twisty.”) Sometimes the only thing I can do in the dark and twisty moments is simply sit with the heaviness of it all and allow it to seep in, be felt fully, and then released.

Sitting in my emotions when they need to be felt (read: crying into a cup of tea on the couch while wearing my cozies) doesn’t mean I’m succumbing to them. It means I’m making space for true cleansing and healing.

When you feel it all, you heal it all. So I encourage you to keep feeling. And if all else fails, plop yourself down on the yoga mat or a pillow or the kitchen floor and just breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. Because no matter how treacherous the surface feels right now, when you go underneath it all to the quiet world that lies within – the world of the soul – things are always calm.

It’s from that place that we can rise again.

The theme of today’s post is a light and fun one. Woohoo! I’ve got some SUPER wild and whacky (in a good way) Reiki stories in store for you.

This comes in response to the many questions I’ve received regarding how Reiki energy healing works, whether distance Reiki is effective, and how to know if healing is really taking place.

It’s my hope that these stories will shed some light on those questions and illuminate what I understand to be truth of Reiki: it’s a mysterious, powerful, light-filled force with the sole intention of healing. (The literal translation of the word Reiki is “atmosphere of mysterious power.”)

As a Reiki practitioner, I think of myself as nothing more than a bridge for the energy to flow through. Once it enters my vessel and passes through my hands, I have no control over the experiences that happen on the table.

Now, I understand that that might sound scary, but there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of and nothing to lose when it comes to Reiki!

Reiki is a Divine energy.

It holds nothing but positive, healing, and loving vibrations. To me personally, the energy feels like a warm, loving hug. Reiki experiences are never harmful because negative and low vibrations simply cannot exist in the same space as the Reiki energy.* Like oil and water, baby.

Even if a difficult or emotionally dense session occurs, it’s for the ultimate purpose of cleansing, healing, and releasing.

Reiki will always provide the recipient with whatever they need, in whatever way serves their highest good. I live in full trust of the Reiki energy and the Divine forces that guide it. I am in awe of its wisdom and humbled by its light.

If my client senses energy moving in a certain way, I trust it’s cleansing or rejuvenating in the exact right way. If they fall asleep, I trust that they were in deep need of rest. If they see visions, I trust that Divine guidance is coming through to them.

The stories I’ve compiled for you today are presented here in hopes that they spark your curiosity, deepen your belief in magic, and feed your soul on your quest for healing.

Okay, let’s get to storytime!

In-Person Reiki: Noises and Sensations

I recently met with a client* who was working on returning to a state of rest and relaxation after a busy holiday season. She wanted to soften into flow and connect deeper to Source energy.

At the beginning of the session, I invoked the Reiki energy, called in my team of archangels and guides, and drew the Reiki symbols while standing at the clients' head. Little did I know that she thought I was standing at her FEET.

As I did the invocation, my client distinctly felt a pair of loving and gentle hands resting on her feet. You can imagine her surprise and confusion when I laid my hands at the first position – her face!

We later discovered that those magical hands appeared as I called in Archangel Michael, who my client and I share as a mutual guide and source of protection. Whoa.

As the session progressed, she slipped into deep relaxation. Like, really deep. Like, sinking into the table deep. As her physical body started to feel heavier and heavier, she began to hear a high-pitched, angelic ringing in one ear. The ringing got so loud that it even overpowered her decades-long case of tinnitus. When I whispered to her to turn over onto her stomach, she couldn’t even hear me! (That gave us a great laugh afterwards.)

Then, I moved through the chakras from the back. As I passed her heart chakra, which to me felt like it was almost vacuuming in the energy, she explained that she started to feel a thumping sensation on her back.

On some level, she understood that the energy was applying pressure to her heart chakra in order to generate a breakthrough; move her out of the space of effort and force that she'd been in throughout the holidays and transition into ease, grace, and heart-centeredness. The thumping continued sporadically over the course of the next few hours.

The following day, my client expressed that she was able to access that same depth of relaxation in her morning meditation. The Reiki showed her how much surrender was truly possible, and she's now walking through life with that understanding.

Distance Reiki: Synchronicities, More Sensations, and Physical Healing

A few weeks ago, I had a distance Reiki client who was seeking general healing and abundance.

I invoked the Reiki energy as usual: by drawing the Reiki distance symbol in the air, which is known to transcend the boundaries of time and space, making distance healing possible. While drawing the symbol, I called on my client's energy with a photo of her in front of me and stated her intentions to my guides and to the Reiki itself.

During the session, I felt my client’s team of spirit guides coming through with wave after wave of unconditional love and support for her. I had a vision of them lifting her up, and heard them almost shouting, “You’re not alone in anything you do! You are so supported!”

At her throat chakra, I sensed a need for some love and healing, and knew that the Reiki was ramping up its power in that area.

Afterwards, I briefed her on all that had come through. In awe, she told me that moments before the session, she was feeling the specific need for support after a difficult day. Her guides and ancestors coming through with all that support and loving compassion was the exact response she was needing!

She also expressed that she was feeling the need for healing in her throat chakra, and that she had recently decided to sign herself up for voice lessons for the pure fun and joy of it.

She also told me that the back and neck pain she was feeling prior to the session had completely subsided.

Finally, I drew a tarot card for her to close the session (something I’ve recently started doing!) The card that came through was “Strength.” My client explained that this felt so relevant and meant to be, as she had been taking on a lot of responsibility in all areas of her life. The confirmation of her strength resonated so deeply and bolstered her moving forward.

Even more wild, she told me she had recently had a dream that she was taming a lion with her touch. Take a look at the strength card and you’ll understand why that is so wild in the best way!

I can’t make this stuff up - I can only revel in it. I am so passionate about the Reiki energy and the deep levels of healing and rejuvenation it’s able to bring people. Such magic!!!

Okay, are you feeling ready to experience this otherworldly healing energy for yourself?! If so, head here to book a session! Not sure yet or still want some more info? Message me below and let’s chat!

Sending you infinite love, beautiful soul. Xo

*Note that there may be Reiki practitioners out there who do not have the purest intentions. Use your intuition when it comes to any type of energy healing, and make sure to find a practitioner whose energy feels loving, compassionate, and pure to you.

*This client is part of my quarantine pod, which is why I was able to offer her an in-person session. In general, I am only offering distance sessions at this time due to the global pandemic.

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Scott Davis
Scott Davis
17 ene 2021

Sounds remarkable! Dare I try it (again)?

Me gusta

14 ene 2021

Ahh. Thank you for the encouragement in dark times and for the explanation of so much I didn't know about Reiki. And the stories - things start happening alright! :) Grateful for the tool of healing light. I have benefited in countless ways from my Reiki sessions with you. xo

Me gusta

Love the description of Reiki like receiving a warm hug! So true! Keep those Reiki stories coming!

Me gusta

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