An Update + How I'm Keeping My Vibration High in Uncertain Times

Hi, dear souls.

It’s been a little longer than usual since I’ve posted. I have been in a sort of hibernation, halfway between confusion/fear/brain fog about what day it is and how I’ve suddenly lost half my work, and embracing this new quiet, slow, sweatpants-every-damn-day lifestyle most of us are living.

Some days I feel deeply in flow, optimistic and grateful. Other days I feel scared, restless, and out of control.

My introverted self is relieved to be taking a break from scurrying all over town to lessons, rehearsals, and social events every day. I’m learning that the work-from-home lifestyle I’ve been dreaming of for years really does feel right to me in practice.

My Higher Self is telling me that this time is teaching us to go inward and lean into our spiritual practices, not as extras but as truly necessary tools for sanity and survival.

But my sensitive self knows that there is a new weight on the shoulders of the world, which has brought out unanticipated darkness, anxiety, and fear in many.

I want to honor the fact that this new reality we are living in has forced major adjustments on all of us.

Every aspect of life – from our work, to our play, to our internal landscapes – has been thrown headlong into complete newness and uncertainty. The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced us to adapt whether we were willing and ready or not, and I recognize that for many of us, that adaptation has been messy, painful, and exhausting.

As humans, we are designed to adapt to our circumstances. But we are also creatures of habit. When habit is ripped away from us, we feel deeply unsafe and unsteady. We are forced to reconcile – face to face – with our lack of control over, well, anything.

My hope for this time is that we can apply some of the positive aspects of this scenario to our lives when we eventually emerge from this involuntary hibernation.

That we may continue to value human connection for what it is – precious and not guaranteed.

That we may continue to cling to nature and fresh air as a source of grounding and healing.

That we may continue to live in flow, practicing presence instead of fear and worry of the future.

Whether this transition has been delightful or devastating for you, I want you to know that I see you, I hear you, and you are absolutely not alone. We are experiencing this as one, navigating new territory and forcibly humbling ourselves to the sheer uncertainty of it all.

I hope that you discover a lesson, an opportunity for growth, or something about yourself that you wouldn’t have understood without this time away from normalcy. I hope that it brings you closer to yourself, and ultimately brings you into deeper communion with your ever-wise, peaceful, and loving soul.

With that hope in mind, I want to share with you a few things that have been instrumental in keeping my vibration high during this wild time. But before I do, I have a quick update on something exciting that’s in the works for you here at Someday My Soul.

A Quick Update //

This past Sunday, I led a guided meditation via Instagram live! When the idea came to me, it was accompanied by a strong tug of mean-to-be-ness, as well as a small dose of anxiety and self-doubt. It was my first time leading a meditation of any kind, but the tug won over and I decided to dive into the vulnerable world of live online exposure.

Despite my anxieties, the meditation felt natural, communal, and Divinely guided. I had a small group of sweet friends join me, and I felt we were able to connect to each other as well as return to groundedness in our bodies and souls. The overall experience felt overwhelmingly positive and meant to be.

This led to a burst of excitement about offering a series of guided meditations both via Instagram live AND as audio files on my website. And so, the Guided Meditations tab at was born!

With the help of my wonderful audio engineer, I was able to extract the audio from my Instagram meditation, add an intro and outro, and create my very first guided meditation offering, available to you anytime and anywhere.

I would love if you would head over to the new page, check it out, and let me know what you think!

If you are interested in joining me for more Instagram live meditations, I plan to continue on a weekly basis. Follow me at @somedaymysoul so you don’t miss the next one! Each live meditation will also become an audio file for the website.

In addition to adding my Guided Meditations page, I've given my homepage a little renovation as well. Check it out!

I am overjoyed that this new facet of Someday My Soul flowed through naturally and without force. That’s how I know it’s right and that the timing was Divine. Thank you so much for supporting me through this new phase of my website and brand. I’m so excited to expand my offerings and my connection to each of you. More importantly, I’m excited to assist you in deepening your connection to your beautiful soul.

Now, let’s dive into the brief list of the tools I’ve been using to stay grounded and high vibrational during this time of heaviness and uncertainty. I share these with you not because they are a perfect formula for anxiety-free living, but in hopes they may remind you that you have the power to soothe your soul in difficult times.

Journaling //

Journaling has been a non-negotiable spiritual practice for me for some time now (read about that here!), but since self-isolating, it has become my #1 source of grounding first thing in the morning.