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How To Reject Urgency Culture (+ a Hot Take on the Harmfulness of the Manifestation Industry)

Hiiii, beautiful reader. Welcome to my happy place!

Today on the blog, I want to talk about a few things that have been potent for me recently: rejecting urgency culture, gratitude for what already is, and a few *hot* (read: unpopular) takes on manifestation.

You in?!

Yesterday on my IG, I posted a reel entitled "3 ways I reject urgency culture in my online business." The 3 ways were 1. daily meditation and movement, 2. mid-day breaks, and 3. reminding myself that what I've already built is enough, and the rest is just extra.

Today, I'm going to hone in on #3.

The idea that what you've already built, done, or have is already enough... and the rest gets to just be extra.

This past week, my best friend Elle was in town visiting from New Mexico. If you don't know, we do a podcast together. Check it out here.

I decided to clear my calendar for two full days during her stay so that I could be fully present and ride the flow of our plans with ease. Then, the weekend came, and I continued to move through the world schedule-less and for the most part, work-less.

Sunday rolled around, and I had a day-long gig playing piano for a collaborative choir event in Downtown Miami. As I sat in my Sunday morning meditation, I had a familiar nagging sensation. It was the feeling of, "you haven't been doing enough."

Save for a few Instagram stories promoting my new bundle offers, I hadn't worked for 3 days. And I had yet another day ahead of me where I'd be working, yes, but not on anything related to my coaching business.

The guilt was like a brick on my chest.

Then - as has become so normal for me in meditation (are y'all meditating? if not, wyd???) - a message came through that allowed the weight to subside.

I'm not ever really sure if these messages come from human me, my higher self, or some loving spirit guide from above, but what I understood in a split second as the message came through was this (this is an excerpt from my journal right after I opened my eyes)...

"Everything I've built is already exactly enough.

It is safe to release the guilt, because there is nothing to feel guilty about.

Everything I've done up to this point in time and everything I have is already good enough.

More would just be extra.

Today, all I need to do is play piano, and that will be exactly, perfectly enough.

Tomorrow, all I need to do is show up and follow the breadcrumbs of what lights me up, and that will be exactly, perfectly enough."

Whewwww. Such RELIEF. It. Is. Already. Enough. 😮‍💨

This realization got me thinking about a few other things, the first of which is the wisdom that we all seem to have constant amnesia around... that, as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership."

We're conditioned to believe that more work = more money, more success, more gain. But the truth is, if we live in a constant state of striving for that "MORE," we forget the gratitude for what already is.

🌱 What if, instead of trying to improve things all day today, you took a moment to admire what you've already done?

🌻 What if, instead of asking yourself, "What's the next thing on the list?!", you took a deep breath to appreciate how many lists you've already crossed off in your lifetime?

🌺 What if, instead of leaning into the feeling of, "I'm still not satisfied," you looked back on your life 1 year ago and marveled at how far you've come?

🌴 What if, instead of "I need MORE," you told yourself, "I already have enough. More is just extra."

These reframes accomplish a few things.

One, they put you right into gratitude and enoughness. It might seem counterintuitive, but those feelings are actually a better vibrational match for MORE of what you want, because you're already embodying the experience of loving what you have. Like attracts like.

If you're living in constant lack and strife, the Universe will send you a vibrational match for THAT. AKA: More struggle, more suffering, more need, more feeling like you don't have enough. It's a vicious cycle.

Two, and perhaps even more importantly, these reframes get you out of survival mode.

Operating in a space of NEED ("I need more, I need this to be better, I need to constantly be moving forward") translates to your subconscious mind as literal life or death need. Your subconscious can't tell the difference between you "needing" to perfect that project you're working on and the actual need for food, shelter, water, and other basic survival necessities.

The deepest part of your mind literally thinks that you will die if you don't accomplish the thing.

That's why you feel like sh*t in the process of getting it. 😅

Operating in a space of DETACHED DESIRE (or preference, as Tosha Silver calls it) is much more expansive, because your sympathetic nervous system can relax and your parasympathetic (the relaxed, connected, grounded, soul-level side of you) can activate and guide you in a much more intuitive, flowy, feel-good way.

That's how you call things in from a place of flow and empowerment.

This brings me to my last idea for the day, which is my hot take on manifestation.

I 100% believe that our minds are beyond powerful and that we are absolutely the stewards and creators of our own realities.

However, the fact that manifestation has become an entire industry here to sell us on the idea that what we already have isn't enough is... problematic. 😪

Most manifestation rhetoric out there operates under the assumption that you are not satisfied. It targets the part of you that feels like you're not enough as you are - just as the beauty & fashion industries do. Maybe not as egregiously or harmfully, but it's the same idea. The messaging is telling you that you need something more than what you already have.

I want you to strive for greatness in your life. I want you to live the life that gives you butterflies in your tummy. I believe it's truly possible for all of us.

But building it from a place of NEED, lack, strife, scarcity, and fear... is NOT the vibe. ❌

That's not going to get you where you want to go. Or maybe it will, but it's not going to feel good.

I want you to show up and create the life of your dreams from a feeling of fullness, enoughness, and great Love.

I want you to create it because you freaking want to, not because your systems are on red alert telling you that you HAVE to or you'll die.

The magic of the "What I already have is enough & the rest is extra" mantra is that when you start to internalize it, your drive for more doesn't go away.

It just changes shape.

It teaches you to move from a place of true love for yourself, not fear of falling behind.

It teaches you to show up and make courageous strides towards your soul's purpose because you CAN, not because you have to or you feel like you'll fall short.

I want you to manifest not from a place of life or death need, but from a place of, "I want this because it's fun, fulfilling, and I deserve it."

It's a whole different ball game, my friends. This is true empowerment. This is true magnetism. This is true manifestation. 🔥

Detach from the energy of need (if you need help with this, remind yourself that if you don't get the thing, your basic needs like food, water, shelter, and breath in your lungs will 99.99% likely still be met).

Start from a place of enoughness, fullness, and gratitude for what already is.

Watch as you start to move in a whole different way and attract things into your life with more ease than you ever could imagine.

The world likes to make us think that life & getting what we want is really complicated. But it's actually really freaking simple.

Love you.



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Feeling this message deeply! Thank you xo

Maya Davis
Maya Davis

I'm so glad! <3 Xoxoxo


elle knowlton
elle knowlton

bless it all sister, i love you so.

Maya Davis
Maya Davis

I love you <3


Olga Rodriguez Rasmussen
Olga Rodriguez Rasmussen

OMG! I LOVE this! Really needed to hear this! And that mantra: "I already have enough and the rest is just extra" is perfect! Your views on the whole manifestation scene verbalized a sense of unease I've felt myself. Thanks!

Maya Davis
Maya Davis

Oh I am SO glad this resonated so deeply for you! Yes - it was my first time putting words to something being "off" in the manifestation world, too. I'm glad we're recognizing it together! :) Discernment is powerful!


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