Meditation Series: A Meditation for Holiday Suffering (2/3)

Hi Dear Ones!

Last week, in part one of my three-part holiday meditation series, we talked about the need for more peace in our hearts and in the world. I offered a calming meditation, intended to bring you back to the eternally serene seat of your soul in the midst of holiday stress.

If you are experiencing heightened anxiety at this time of year and want to soothe your mind and spirit, I highly recommend checking it out.

This week, we are talking about suffering. It is not lost on me that for many people, suffering, depression, and loneliness can be greatly intensified at this time of year.

The gaps in our hearts left behind by those we have lost can seem exponentially larger, and old wounds can reopen at the drop of a hat.

Family time is not always a Hallmark movie scene. It can be messy, uncomfortable, and painful. The dissonance we feel in our hearts when our loved ones are not fully aligned with the truth of who we are can be excruciating. Perhaps you feel like your values are not understood. Maybe your sexuality is not accepted. Maybe you are not supported in your chosen career path.

In today’s climate, the chasms between us can feel wider than ever. In this age of spiritual awaken