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My Experience With a Psychic Reading!

Hi, beautiful soul friends!

Guess what?! I did it. I got read by a bona-fide psychic.

Oracle cards, scarily accurate nuggets of information that she couldn’t possibly have known about me, advice from higher wisdom and all – it was honestly everything I could have hoped for. From providing me with messages of encouragement that I’m on the right path to giving me guidance on the direction of my life going forward, this session was uplifting, clarifying, and FREAKY (in the best way).

If you’ve ever had a glimmer of interest in meeting with a psychic but feel skeptical, worried about the legitimacy of your reader, or just can’t wrap your head around how a complete stranger could know all kinds of intimate details about your life, this post is for you! I want you to know how awesome of a resource true intuitives can be on your spiritual journey.

My hope is to debunk some of the skepticism that surrounds psychic work and demonstrate that meeting with an intuitive can confirm your own inner knowings, set you on the right path, and help you get really clear about the best way to manifest the abundant, aligned, and authentic life you're striving for.

First and foremost, I want to share my experience with you not only to validate the legitimacy of a great psychic, but also because it’s just so flippin’ cool. If anything, stick around for story time!

I also want to share some advice about choosing a psychic that’s right for you – one whose gifts and abilities you can absolutely trust, and one who is going to empower you with positive, encouraging information.

Intuitive abilities are no joke, and we all have them. Psychics have simply made it their life’s work to hone and actively use those intuitive gifts to help and encourage others along their path.

Okay, shall we?!? Let’s get into the details of my reading – how and why I chose my psychic, how she conducted the session, and the amazing GOLDMINE of wisdom and information that I got out of it.

How I Chose My Psychic

I found Terrie via YouTube. She’s been giving readings to my favorite YouTuber for years, and I’ve always LOVED the convergence of my obsession with Colleen’s content and my passion for spirituality – particularly spirituality that works to bridge the gap between this world and the spirit realm!

I knew from Colleen’s numerous readings with Terrie that she was legitimate. Her predictions came true, her insights on past events were on point, and her line of contact with ancestors and spirits was clearly strong.

On top of that, she was so, so sweet. She wasn't like Eartha Kitt in the movie Holes – decked out in jewels and a head wrap. She was a normal gal with a great sense of humor who didn’t seem to have any agenda other than giving Colleen and her family members good and useful information. She was confident in her abilities, but didn’t ever force her “rightness” on anybody – if something didn’t resonate, she’d say, “okay!” and move right along.

A few weeks ago, Colleen uploaded a new video reacting to some old footage of her readings with Terrie. I got a potent intuitive hit of excitement – “could I book a reading with Terrie?!” I wasn’t sure. She was reading for celebrities for goodness sake! But after a quick Google search (“Los Angeles psychic Terrie,” lol) I found her website, and saw that she was open for remote bookings. I had to book about 2 weeks out, but aside from that, it was as easy and accessible as could be.

The Juicy Details

I could feel Terrie’s warmth radiating through Zoom from the beginning. She was welcoming, kind, and motherly. She was also highly professional: She laid out her process, asked if there was any information I did not want to receive, affirmed that she’s not perfect (read: not all the information is guaranteed to be accurate), and explained that if within 10 minutes of the session we were not connecting, she would provide me with a full refund.

Then, we got into the good stuff. Before Terrie started intuiting, I gave her just a few pieces of information:

· I’m in a transitional period of life

· I’m feeling a bit lost somewhere in between my music teaching career and my entrepreneur/blogger/healer/spiritual seeker life

· I live with my boyfriend

That was it.

Right away, Terrie tapped into the fact that I’ve been spending a lot of time alone (thanks to the pandemic but also by personal choice), and affirmed that that’s beneficial for me in this transitional time. Then, she said, “I like how your boyfriend lets you do your own thing.” This was the first freaky moment: Beiyao had left the apartment moments before the reading so that I could “do my own thing.”

She expressed that this transitional time I’m in is calling me to do less. I laughed, because not moments before our session, I was sitting on the couch thinking, “I’m really not doing enough. I should be doing more.” Her intuitive insight put a lid on that.

She said, “You’re holding a lot of masculine energy right now. You’re constantly doing. You need more feminine energy. Feminine energy is being instead of doing. It’s receiving instead of giving.” She suggested belly dancing to tap into my second chakra and into the energy of femininity.

In terms of career, Terrie immediately affirmed that I am a healer. She expressed that healing is one of my purposes in life, and that I have the energy of a “wise old owl.” I resonated with this deeply as I’ve always felt like an old soul and feel that one of my gifts is giving advice, council, and perspective to friends and family.

Then, she started pointing to her throat. She said, “I feel like your musical career is connected to your voice. Your voice is a big gift. Do you sing?” Another freaky moment. I’d mentioned that I’m a musician, but nothing about the fact that I’m a singer.

She expressed that my career going forward isn’t going to be an either/or situation between music and spiritual entrepreneurship. She feels that it’s going to be both. She said that she saw me using my voice in tandem with my healing gifts to help women reclaim their authentic, empowered voices. She said, “You’ll have clients yell at you from time to time. Don’t take it personally. That just means you’ve held space for them to unleash their voice. It’s beautiful, really.”

Then, we talked money. Terrie said my abundance in this life is going to be correlated with my deservingness. That struck a significant chord, as I’m actively working on self-worth and ease of receivership as it relates to my financial life.

Finally, we talked about family. Terrie felt that my family had taught me that masculine energy of doership, and that in turn, one of the big lessons of my lifetime is learning to slow down and turn inward.

The last thing Terrie left me with was the affirmation that I’m on the right track. She called me an entrepreneur, a healer, and a psychic. She said that for my age, I am far along in terms of my internal work and that I should just keep going.

Wow. To hear such validation of my path and of the fact that all aspects of my life (singing, healing, teaching) are meant to weave together as one was a huge comfort. It helped me to see that no time has been wasted and nothing is a mistake. It confirmed that I’m aligned and on the right path. It pointed me towards the aspects of my life that are still in need of healing (deservingness, speaking my truth honestly) in order for my dreams to come to fruition.

And it was so, so easy. It was like having a conversation with a friend. Nothing woo-woo, no weirdness, just a kind, compassionate talk. I could feel that Terrie’s genuine intention was to help me integrate, understand, and thrive.

How to Determine Whether a Psychic Reading Might Be Right for You

So long as you’re ready to approach your psychic reading with an open heart and mind, I think this experience is for everyone! If you choose a quality reader, the session will be entirely in your control. You won’t be subjected to information you don’t want to hear. The worst thing that could happen is that they share a piece of insight that doesn’t resonate. It’s very possible that if this happens, it might end up resonating later in a context you hadn’t considered!

I believe that the experience of having your energy tapped into from an objective perspective is hugely valuable. It can shed light on parts of your life that are going really well, even if you don’t realize it in your day to day. It can provide insights about what parts of your life are calling your attention. It can empower you to drop the things that aren’t serving you by validating that they’ve completed their purpose on your karmic journey.

All that being said, I want to be real with you. There are bound to be psychics out there whose intentions are not 100% genuine or whose gifts are not totally on point. To protect yourself from that, here are a few ideas to consider when selecting a psychic:

1. Look for recommendations. Have any of your friends or family visited a psychic and had a great experience? Ask them about it and see if they sound like a good match for you!

2. Check online to see if there are any recordings of your prospective psychic giving readings. Because of Colleen’s YouTube videos, I already knew I liked Terrie before I booked with her.

3. Read your prospective psychic’s “about” page on their website, if available. This will give you an idea of their level of experience and credentials, which is great for peace of mind!

4. Trust your gut. If you get the intuitive ping that a particular psychic is right for you, believe it, and act! If you’re searching around and feel that synchronistic moment of “aha!” in your heart and soul, you’ve found the psychic for you. Everything is energy, and if this experience is meant to be, you will be guided to the right person at the perfect time.

What do you think?? Are you interested in trying a psychic reading, or are you here for story time?! I’d love to know. Drop me a comment or leave me a message below!

Sending big love. Xo


Oct 05, 2020

So exciting to read! I love how she tied feminine energy with the energy of Being as opposed to Doing. I think that's one of my lessons for this time also - working on it. How beautiful to have confirmation that you are on the right track. Thanks for your stories - they expand my heart xo


Wow! This was simply amazing! how comforting to receive validation on your path! I loved that music and healing is not an either or for you, but both! How exciting! And I would agree!


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