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The #1 Shift That Got Me Into Alignment (& Keeps Me There Consistently)

I feel like there's a ton of talk in the zeitgeist about being "aligned." But what does that ACTUALLY mean in practice???

To me, alignment is when our mind & soul (or conscious & unconscious selves) are playing for the same team. Instead of fighting against one another, they're operating in tandem, creating a beautiful synergy.

Your energy is clear because there's no tremor of inner conflict from some part of you saying, "Wait, this isn't right for me." You're uber-efficient because all systems are online, working towards a common goal.

I'll give you an example of what it feels like to be aligned AND mis-aligned, so you can do a quick little audit for yourself.

Alignment feels like this: You get an idea. You're inspired, you're fired up. Perhaps you take a day or two to let it simmer in your system and become more fully fleshed out in your mind before you start creating or acting, but the internal creation process feels fun, abundant, and unblocked. Then, you go to put this creation or idea out there into the world. You're able to show up fully without hesitation or major fears/self-sabotage creating barriers between you & the actions you need to take. Results & positive response comes naturally because when you're moving from a place of powerful alignment, you are naturally magnetic. Results like financial gain, bringing people into your world, or manifesting what you want feel like they "just happened," because there wasn't much force or push.

Mis-alignment feels like this: You get an idea. You're inspired, you're fired up. But as you continue to sit with it and flesh it out in your mind, doubts start to crop up. You wonder, "Can I really do this? Is this going to work?" You may even tell yourself, "I'm not good enough to create this." You might be able to reframe those fears and continue moving forward, but action feels sticky. You procrastinate, the process doesn't feel fun or easy, and you find ways to sabotage yourself either consciously or unconsciously. The idea may or may not come to fruition, and if it does, your desired result or outcome might feel REALLY difficult to call in - or might not happen at all.

Are the gears turning for you on where you might be in or out of alignment in your life? GOOD! This is all just information - none of it is good or bad.

Now that you're starting to examine some parts of your life that could use more alignment, as well as where you're absolutely thriving & all systems are online, I'm going to share with you the #1 shift that occurred in my life that got me into CONSISTENT alignment - and keeps me there.

Real quick before I do - I want to make it clear that we are human and we don't have to be in alignment 110% of the time in order to manifest a killer life. We CAN absolutely still manifest when out of alignment - people do it all the time!

But it doesn't feel super awesome if you're operating in mis-alignment the majority of the time. Who wants their results to feel forced, hard to come by, and the result of pushing yourself to near-burnout? Notttt me. No thanks!

I also want to say that even when you start to implement this shift I'm going to give you, you're still going to have moments of self-doubt, fear, and even self-sabotage. But the difference will be that you'll RECOGNIZE it almost immediately, and be able to change course accordingly. Right quick.

Okay heeere it is, fam! Drumroll please...

The #1 shift that got me into high alignment & keeps me there consistently is KNOWING HOW TO HEAR, LISTEN, AND RESPOND TO MY INNER VOICE.

That's it, that's the post. Bye! Just kidding ;)

But it really is that simple. Aaaaand that complicated.

I started learning to hear my inner voice circa 2017. I was newly rediscovering my yoga, meditation, and movement practices, and starting to dip my toe into modern spirituality offerings like podcasts, blogs, books, and Instagram gurus (lol).

The biggest difference that this made in my life was that I was spending more time with myself. I was spending more time on the mat, on the meditation cushion, in deep introspection, in nature with a spiritual podcast in my ear.

All of this got me to slowwww down. I was at the end of my undergraduate career realizing that I'd spend the last 4 years (or honestly, probably like... 12 years) running around like a chicken.

I was so busy going and doing that I had absolutely no time to listen in. My body spoke, and I'd ignore it. My soul would whisper, and I'd shout over it. My heart would ask for something, and I'd be moving too fast to even notice.

When I started to slow down, suddenly I could hear. Subtle shifts began to take place. Instead of continuing to eat dining hall food day in and day out, I started investing in chia seeds and nutrient-dense protein powders and making green smoothies every day. Instead of living a sedentary lifestyle in the name of studying all day, I started going to yoga. Instead of robotically doing exactly what I was told by my professors, my degree program, and the world, I started asking myself, "Is this really what I want?"

Spoiler alert... it wasn't 😂

What ensued was a major crumbling of the career path I was on (that's a story for anotherrrr day) and a coming together of the realization that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, call the shots of my own life, and build a career around what I am most passionate about: spirituality, slow living, abundance, freedom, joy, connection, inner peace.

When I started listening to my inner voice, living out of alignment WAS NO LONGER AN OPTION.

And THIS is the thing, my friends. When you start to listen in, the floodgates open. THERE IS NO GOING BACK. This is why most people don't slow down and listen in. They're afraid of what they'll hear, because they know it's going to ask them to shake sh*t up and make some potentially massive changes in their lives.

But what would you prefer? A life where your mind & soul are on two different teams, and there's a constant background feeling of, "This isn't right. I'm not actually happy." ???

Or a life where your mind & soul sing in harmony, and your baseline vibration is a feeling of, "This is it. I'm creating what I want. This FEELS good. This is who I am. I am living in harmony with my soul's truth."

I know which one I prefer. It's a scary, difficult choice to make. But it's beyond worth it.

And when you do make it, living majorly out of alignment is simply never an option again.

Now that I know how to hear my inner voice, I can recognize INSTANTLY when something is off. I now have almost zero tolerance for that feeling. My soul speaks, and I move. My heart whispers, and I answer. My body asks, and I respond.

This applies to my business, my relationships, my home, my health, and everything in between. If I feel the tiniest twinge that I'm not in alignment with a program I'm offering or a post I'm making, a change of course is inevitable. And I do it. Even when it's terrifying, and it means letting sh*t crumble around me.

Get to this place, my friends. It's a holy, sacred, REALLY fun place to be. It's a TRUE place to be. It ensures that everything you magnetize to you is of your highest and greatest good.

Get on the mat. Listen to the podcast. Read the book. Slow the FFFFF down, please. Make time for you. Quiet the distractions. Stop running. Take the weight off. Just be here.

This is the moment where it all begins. I'm so excited to meet you there.

As always, if this spoke to you, I'd love to know! Leave me your thoughts & big takeaways down below! It takes just a second to create an account & log in :)

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Without the tools I offer inside of this bundle, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. Running a business, creating a career based on what lights me up, making my own schedule, calling the shots of my own life while still creating time for self-care and slowness - there's no way it would happen without the sweet, gentle, & powerful tools inside this bundle.

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Love you.


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