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Celebrating 2 Years of the Blog ~ My Story, My Why, and What's to Come

Hi, dear ones.

I’ve missed you. How are you?

Returning to the blog always feels like a homecoming. While social media can provide beautiful connections and a healthy dose of instant gratification, connecting via the blog feels sacred.

Like I’m speaking to a room full of my most trusted friends. My loving confidants. My people.

And naturally, with today marking the 2 year anniversary of the original launch of Someday My Soul (and also my birthday!), I’m feeling a little extra sentimental right about now.

I’m sitting here at my desk, palo santo burning and ashwagandha tea at my side, 432 Hz healing frequencies vibrating at full volume.

I’ve set a sacred scene, because I have a sacred story to tell.

Reflecting on all that’s unfolded over the past 2 years - both in my personal life and here at Someday My Soul - I can’t think of a better time for a never-before-blogged insight into my story and the reason why I started this whole thing.

The past few months have been a whirlwind.

I believe that over the course of this pandemic whacky time, each and everyone of us has been called to navigate a messy and uncomfortable up-leveling of the soul.

For me, that has entailed a massive falling away of all parts of my life that were out of alignment, and an even more massive falling together of the things that are completely and totally in alignment.

These days, it feels like I’m really becoming the person my soul intended for me to be in this lifetime.

But the journey hasn't been totally smooth sailing.

The decision to go after my coaching business full-time in the latter half of this year almost hasn’t felt like mine.

It’s felt more like the Universe’s.

An energy much greater than my own has been carrying me through this time, dropping breadcrumbs of guidance along the way.

Over the past few months, I've been found myself on a new trajectory. A new vision has been born within me, and it's offered me no option but to relentlessly align with it moment by moment.

Scenarios that ask me to expand beyond my comfort zone have been cropping up with alarming frequency.

I've been asked to face my worthiness wounds and imposter syndrome head on, time and time again.

Throughout it all, despite the extreme vulnerability and occasional discomfort of showing up in new and big ways online every single day, I've felt like an instrument in a Divine plan. The co-signer of a soul contract arranged aeons before my birth.

It feels like a big declaration of purpose. It feels embodied, exciting, reckless, whole.

In stepping into a new sense of purpose over the past months, I’ve been asked to allow many old pieces of my identity to collapse.

I quit several jobs (no small thing for a non-confrontational, recovering people-pleaser like me).

I lovingly but firmly released years-old friendships that no longer brought light into my life.

I said no to numerous opportunities when it came to teaching and performing music.

I parted with uncomfortable sums of money so that I could gain access to high levels of education in the coaching field.

I faced my old familiar worth wounds time and time again by showing up in new ways on social media, in my community, and in my personal life.

I moved through heaps of negative self-talk and imposter syndrome that asked me day after day, “Who are you to step into this role? Are you good enough for this? Can you really have it?”

I even took several months of hiatus from the beloved blog, because the vision of getting my coaching business off the ground felt so urgent.

Now that I’m taking a moment to catch my breath in the midst of an ongoing marathon of daily content creation, niche building, market research, brainstorming, getting coached and certified, and leading my inaugural clients through my 30-day coaching program, I’m looking towards the end of this year as an opportunity to slow down and reflect on what the heck has been happening.

What is all this for? What is the grander purpose that this time of change and up-leveling is serving? Why have I been asked to shed so many layers of old identities? Why has the change been so sudden and big?

I’m realizing that to get to the root of my why, I need to do some back-tracking.

Let’s take a quick look back at early 2019, when I was finishing up my Master’s degree in vocal performance.

My trajectory was full steam ahead towards a career in professional singing, starting with auditions for Young Artist Programs (an opera singer's version of a first job out of school) at opera houses around the world.

On the outside, I was a model student. I got the grades, I sang the roles, I made the connections. What people didn't know was that underneath the surface, I was struggling with a technical breakdown in my voice that came from eight years of rigorous formal study that asked me to fit my voice into a box.

I spent those years molding my voice to some external standard of what it was "supposed" to sound like.

My voice no longer felt like mine, and I was wrestling with it every day.

One day in my Master's project class - my degree program's version of a professional development seminar, meant to prepare us for life beyond graduation and navigating the world of professional opera singing - the professor gave me a critique based on a performance I had recently given with his local opera company.

He made some digs at various aspects of my singing, but nothing I couldn't handle. Then, I asked him what level of Young Artist Programs I should be looking at auditioning for.

His response? PAY-TO-SING.

In other words, he was telling me I wasn't good enough to get PAID for singing, but that I should look at continuing to PAY FOR performance opportunities.

Okay, yes, I definitely got upset. There were tears. There was heartbreak.

But mixed in almost equal measure was huge RELIEF at the prospect of NOT going on to audition for jobs as a professional singer. It felt like an immense weight had lifted off my shoulders.

That reaction was a pretty clear hint from my intuition that that path must never have been in total soul-alignment for me in the first place.

This revelation stopped me in my tracks. It felt like permission to not stay in the mis-aligned box I had been shoving my soul into for so many years.

I had been following along with the trajectory that had been set out for me by well-meaning voice teachers and mentors over the years without stopping to check in with these key questions: Is this really aligned for me? My soul's purpose? Is this the highest expression of me? Is this my best chance to raise the vibration of the planet?

When I finally had that permission to answer “NO” and let go, everything changed.

It was around this time that spirituality made its way to the forefront of my life and acted as a lifeline as I grieved my identity as a singer.

Yoga became the most important part of my day, and the inner exploration that meditation and journaling allowed helped me to grow so much in my self-love, understanding of my purpose, and desire for a slower, more mindful life of empowerment, truth, and freedom.

I started to discover spiritual entrepreneurs via podcasts and social media, and for the first time, I recognized that it was possible to build a life and career around a passion for spirituality, self-exploration, and designing a soul-aligned life.

Simply seeing others hold the vision of what was possible in a world outside of opera began to expand my mindset. I saw worlds of opportunities open up for my life. I felt so lit up and excited about it.

That was the first spark of mega desire for the life of soulful, entrepreneurial freedom I’m now beginning to live. That spark has since become a raging flame, and it’s not showing signs of dimming anytime soon.

In the months following my Master’s graduation, I started to seriously implement manifestation techniques, meditation, tapping, breathwork, and other healing tools daily. I took spiritual courses and discovered hypnosis for subconscious reprogramming.

Before I knew it, the life and business I desired started to manifest before my very eyes.

I finally started the blog after months (years?) of talking about creating a space to empower people of all walks of life on their various spiritual journeys.

That was the beginning of showing up for my new vision (and one of the reasons it will ALWAYS have such a special place in my heart).

Slowly, the nudge from my intuition that this platform was meant to expand into more became my first guided meditation offerings. Then, a Reiki certification.

At the beginning of 2021, I declared that this would be the year I was finally going to do big business things (aka claim my gifts on a larger scale and show up in the uncomfortable ways I'd been avoiding - hi Instagram lives & coaching offerings!).

The Universe heard me make this decision loud and clear, and the first breadcrumbs of opportunity for more in my business began to make themselves known.

In January, my first live workshop offering, Anchored in Source, channeled through me like wildfire. I’ll never forget crying into my own Zoom monitor when I rehearsed for the first time because the words felt so true.

Soon after, I gave a meditation workshop with my mom, which allowed my community to break open and expand in new ways. New faces began to show up on my email list daily.

Then came the opportunity to invest in a business course, where my money/business mindset and imposter syndrome work truly began. After years of playing small, I finally had the chance to claim Someday My Soul as a full-blown business and create offerings that bring me the abundance my expertise, skills, and life experience are worth.

Then, Yes Supply. Oh, the empowerment that’s come of being in an immersive container with 20 other female coaches, each expanding and growing in her own way. Equipping myself with the tools to not only create transformational change for women on the conscious level, but also in the realm of the subconscious - where we truly manifest our lives from - has been the gift of a lifetime.

I have never felt stronger or more confident in what I’m able to offer, and that this is my soul’s version of living a purposeful life. This is the work I came here to do.

So, these days, 2 years out from my initial launch, I am fully committed to showing up daily to help other spiritual women transform their mindsets and powerfully work towards cultivating the lives they are truly passionate about (not what society has told them to do - hah), doing work that they love, and fulfilling their deepest soul's purpose.

My life's work is assisting women who live with that nagging feeling from within that they are meant for MORE than they've settled for, that they deserve to pour into their own cup before anyone else's, and that it's time to stop playing small.

My superpower is transforming the limiting beliefs and worth wounds that have kept them stuck through subconscious reprogramming techniques and powerful, neuro-science backed questioning.

I combine energetic transformation with real-world aligned action to help women fully step into the identity of who they came here to be, their fullest expression, and become magnetic to the life they desire.

My daily life has changed so much since I stepped into this role. I feel the energetic alignment I've cultivated in every aspect of my life - my work, my business, my clients, my home, my relationship, and my friendships.

I am so passionate about this work, not just because of what it has done for me, but because I believe in a world where healed people heal people.

I want this healing for all women, because I dream of a healed collective. A global community of individuals who are aware of their Divine power, connection, and Oneness.

Imagine that.

Therein lies my why, and the reason that my tenacity for this work is stronger than ever.

I will continue to shout the benefits of the transformational power of spiritual, energetic, and mindset practices until my words run out.

Here's hoping they never will.

So, my dear ones, I invite you to rise with me as we race headlong into the end of this year.

What are you ready to release? What areas of mis-alignment are you prepared to let go of?

Most importantly, who are you ready to be?

Therein lies your why. I can’t wait to see you live it.

Sending you so much love.



PS ~ In celebration of my birthday month, my 75-minute 1:1 clarity breakthrough sessions are going for half-off through October 31st. These sessions are a perfect way to dip your toes into the world of coaching and discover the power of subconscious work and proven mindset techniques that will uplift and empower you towards your goals. See the second slide on this post for what my clients are saying.

I also have 1 spot remaining in my 30-day Dream Life Accelerator coaching program this month. My clients in this container continue to blow my mind daily with their dedication to healing and becoming their Highest Selves. It's the honor of my lifetime to hold space for them. Book a call here to chat with me about whether you might be a fit for the program.


Scott Davis
Scott Davis
Oct 28, 2021

Dearest Maya - There's so much to celebrate, and you articulate it so well. All my love.


Oct 24, 2021

Happy Birthday Maya! You have found your way to your life's purpose and it's an inspiration to witness. May this new chapter nourish your soul and bring all those dreams to life. xo


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