Here’s What Happened When I Committed to No Longer Playing Small

Hi, dear souls! How are you?

I hope you have been able to ease back into the swing of your usual routine with kindness toward yourself. Are you allowing yourself a gentle transition? Or are you wrenching yourself back to reality, facing your work with a “grind” mentality?

If the latter sounds more like you, pause right now and close your eyes. Take the deepest breath you’ve taken all day (maybe all year?) and quietly say to yourself, “be here now.” Aaahhhh. Much better.

So far in 2020, I’ve made my intention my #1 priority, and the results have rocked my world so hard that I felt the need to drop all of my other blog plans and tell you about this ASAP.

If you submitted a request for a blog topic via Instagram, your idea is now part of a master list of blog posts that will be released in 2020. All of that and MORE (hint hint: I purchased a podcasting microphone) is in the works and I can’t wait to share it with you.

But for now, I’m feeling called to share with you the mind-blowing results of committing deeply to my 2020 intention. I share this to give you an example of how FAST the Universe responds when we commit to shifting our thoughts and energetic patterns.

My energetic pattern for nearly all my life has been to shrink and play small. I have given my power away time and time again because of the negative thought-loop that has been playing variations on a theme in my mind since I was conscious: “I am not enough.”

When faced with adversity, I’d shrink. When faced with someone who had more external power than me, I’d shrink. When faced with a situation that didn’t serve my highest good, I’d stay silent. When asked to do something I didn’t want to do, I’d say yes.

I pushed my intuition farther and farther away until I became almost incapable of hearing it. I’d squash it almost before it even had a chance to make its way into my conscious awareness.

I took the turn of the decade and the absolutely desperate-for-positive-change times we live in as my cue to interrupt this thought-loop once and for all.

Given the bleak state of the world right now, there simply isn’t time to keep light hidden away. It’s a massive disservice. The world needs light immediately. It needs light in any capacity we can give it.

We all have the potential to give light based on our unique gifts, but many of us hold it back because we’re too damn scared of what people will think.

But this is so important, friends. It’s WAY past time to shine.

I am so done playing small. I am so done denying the value of my time to make others comfortable. I am so done allowing the voice of ego to hinder me from doing my best work. I’m done. I’m taking my power back.

My intention for 2020 is simple: To step back into my power.

In 2020 I will speak loudly and proudly. In 2020 I will act on intuition rather than ego. In 2020 I will say “no” more often. In 2020 I will ask for what I need with kind assertiveness.

It’s amazing how quickly the Universe responds when we commit our energy to an intention.

My experiences thus far in 2020 make me want to jump up and down reminding you of this fundamental truth: What we focus on grows.

So far this year, I have sent tons of loving awareness to my intention. Each morning, I ask my angels and spirit guides to help me commit to walking in my power. I’ve begun to redirect my thoughts when I notice them slipping back into old patterns of smallness. I’ve reframed situations as opportunities to exercise my long-dormant power. I’ve remained open to the difficult shifts that are required to make true and lasting change.

Since committing to stepping back into my power, a few exciting things have happened.

For starters, I did the best teaching of my life this past week.

For the first time in my work as a voice teacher, I gave a lesson from the seat of my intuition. I was entirely in flow. I did not give my ego time to interrupt my instincts. I simply opened and allowed my intuition and higher wisdom to flow through me.

It felt sort of like floating in space. Complete presence can be shockingly vulnerable. When higher wisdom is in the driver's seat, we don't always have control over what we will say or do. And giving up control is scary as hell.

I had to let go of my tight grip on the uber-nice teacher persona, from which I often derive a false sense of self-worth. I never slipped into unkindness, but I delivered my points with a firmness and deliberateness that my ego would have been deeply uncomfortable with.

Admittedly, speaking what I knew to be true loudly and proudly was unfamiliar.

I felt my ego trying to wiggle its way into the edges of my consciousness as I taught with my newfound assertiveness. Will my student still like me? Am I making her feel bad? Is this going to cause her to shut down?

But I made the conscious choice not to entertain my ego. I kept my intuition in the driver's seat. I knew in my bones that what I was asking of my student was what she needed to hear in order to break through to the next level. I couldn’t let her continue giving less than I knew she was capable of.

The result?

She did her best singing to date. She was precise, confident, and delivered every detail I asked for. This weekend, she got the role she auditioned for at a competitive local theater company.

Wow. T