Holiday Reflections and My Daily Meditation Practice (3/3)


I hope you all had a beautiful holiday.

Whether you were celebrating a religious holiday or simply taking time off to snuggle up on the couch and reflect on the year, my wish is that you feel restored in some way. Ready to take on the new decade. Honoring your old patterns and lovingly letting them go to create space for new growth and a new YOU.

If you did not have a beautiful holiday, my wish for you is a few precious moments to take care of your heart as it recovers. I wish you time to refill your cup. To soothe your soul with loving affirmations. To take your power back if you feel it was stripped from you.

If you have not yet been able to carve out some sacred time for yourself, today’s meditation is the perfect place to start.

Today, I’d like to share something very near and dear to my heart: my own daily meditation practice. I call it my Meditation for Wellbeing.

It’s super simple. As simple as meditation can get. As simple as taking five minutes to guide your awareness back to the present moment.