How I'm Healing My Inner Child - and Manifesting the Life of My Dreams

Hi, beautiful soul!

How are you? Like, for real. How are you? Have you checked in with your body and mind today? Have you gifted yourself an act of self-care?

If not, that’s okay! Each moment is an opportunity to flip the script of your day. Show yourself some love for being here by closing your eyes and taking a big deep breath. Ahhhh. Better, right?

Today, I'm super excited to share about a recent healing experience I had with my inner child! It was one of the most profound healings I've undergone in my adult life, and the benefits of it are only starting to unfold in my outer world.

Inner child work is an amazing modality for healing childhood wounds, traumas, and beliefs that are not serving our highest and greatest good. And spoiler alert - we all have them! Even if your childhood was idyllic, it's likely that you picked up some limiting beliefs about yourself along the way.

Inner child work is, of course, one of many modalities that can lead us to deep healing. I’m sharing this experience not because I think it's the end-all be-all for emotional healing, but because it was palpable, intense, and released energetic blocks that were holding me back from embodying my highest self.

Ultimately, the purpose of sharing my experience with you is to tell you that it’s possible to make strides towards the life of your wildest dreams by releasing the subconscious beliefs of unworth that are blocking you.

Yay! *does happy dance*

Whether or not inner child work resonates with you as the best way to start emotionally freeing yourself, I want to show you that it’s possible to rewrite those negative beliefs that loop in your mind and end up manifesting in your daily life. It’s possible to be free of old patterns and reclaim your power.

It’s not going to happen overnight, though. Even though I've experienced significant healing over the past few weeks of doing this work, I know there is always a deeper layer to unearth.

In order to banish the subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back, commitment is required. You have to be willing to sit with dark, messy emotions, and allow deep-seated pain to come up and be processed.

But it’s so worth it. Because when we start holding up the mirror and really looking inward, things. Start. Happening!!!

Really, it’s almost instant. As soon as a limiting belief gets cleared, there’s room for something new – something aligned with your newfound self-worth and self-love – to flow right to you.

Let’s get into it.

Inner Child Healing: The Philosophy

I recently completed a workshop called Unblocked: Inner Child, which is part of To Be Magnetic’s membership program, The Pathway.

To Be Magnetic was founded by well-known manifestation teacher Lacy Phillips, whose teachings are based on a combination of neuroscience and her intuitive gifts.

Lacy teaches that instead of manifesting from our thoughts, we manifest from our subconscious beliefs. When you let that sink in, it’s pretty liberating! You don’t have to worry so much when negative thoughts arise – they’re not going to totally derail your manifestation process. True manifestation happens on a much deeper level than that of conscious thought.

I felt immediately drawn to the Inner Child workshop for a few reasons…

1. I personally experienced a lot of trauma during childhood, as I suffered from a severe anxiety and panic disorder.

2. I frequently experience extreme emotions when I look back on my childhood or observe children in distress.

3. I’ve been working to increase my self-worth for many years, and I know that much of what keeps me playing small stems from beliefs picked up in childhood. As Lacy teaches, the majority of our subconscious beliefs of self-worth (or unworth) are formed between the ages of 0 and 14 when our brains are most malleable.

When I began diving into Lacy’s inner child teachings, the following quickly became clear to me:

The extent to which we were made to feel worthy, deserving, special, capable, and loved in childhood is the extent to which we are able to move through life from a place of self-worth and deep authenticity. In other words, the life we manifest is a direct reflection of our subconscious beliefs of self-worth.

I know that sounds scary, but there’s good news! It’s possible to undo and rewrite our subconscious thought loops thanks to a phenomenon called neuroplasticity.

When we enter deep meditation, theta and alpha brain waves are activated. This invokes a hypnotic state, from which our minds can’t tell the difference between thoughts and reality.

When we call our childhood experiences to our awareness in such a hypnosis, we can rewrite them by imagining a new outcome in which we were supported and protected. When we reinforce this reimagined outcome multiple times, a new neural pathway is formed, and the old subconscious belief is rewritten.

I know that was a big mouthful of mumbo-jumbo, but don’t worry! I’m going to give you some tangible tips for working through childhood pain, trauma, and shame on your own.

But first, to give you an idea of the deep transformations that are in store when you commit to this work, I want to tell you a quick story about the most visceral experience I had throughout the course of the workshop.

Inner Child Healing: My Experience

In the final module of the workshop, I went through a Deep Imagining (Lacy’s term for guided hypnosis) that prompted me to call to my awareness every phase of my childhood, from birth to college. Then, I reimagined these phases in the most supported, self-worth-affirming (or "magnetic," as Lacy would say) way possible.

Here’s the highlight reel of what came up during this