How to Navigate the Holidays With Family Members Who Don't Understand How You've Evolved Spiritually

Hi, sweet one.

Thanks for being here.

The blog is back again, and this time, it’s a special holiday edition.

The concept of post has been on my mind and my heart for months now. It feels important, potent, poignant. I don’t have an outline in front of me, and at this moment I have absolutely no idea exactly how this topic is going to manifest itself on this page.

But I know that this piece of writing wants to come out of my soul, and I trust that it’s meant to reach each and every one of you who is here with me.

Even though I don’t know exactly what this particular message is going to evolve into, I have a glimmer of an idea as to why it so wants to be written.

I know that a lot of us here in this community have been doing a lot of soulful deep-diving recently. We’ve been shedding a lot of layers, becoming more mindful, attuning ourselves more fully to the energies of love and oneness, and taking steps to get ourselves closer to our truest, most authentic selves.

Take a moment to celebrate that for yourself. You did that. How epic are you??

On the flip side of that (and by all means, please keep celebrating yourself as you read on), there are a lot of folks out there who are not yet on the self-development path.

First and foremost I want to clarify that that’s okay. Not every soul signed up to be part of the 5D awakening of consciousness that’s unfolding on our planet right now.

The ones who didn’t are not wrong or less-than. They’re right on time for their specific soul contracts. Perhaps they even signed up to learn from you and begin their journey back to Love by your example, dear one. After all, you’re reading this for a reason.

The holidays present a unique, weird, and wonderful opportunity to come together with those you haven’t seen for the past year (or several years, thanks Covid!) and try to serve up a presentable snapshot of who you’ve become since that last gathering.

Some of us - myself included - have supportive and beautiful family systems that allow us to be genuine in these scenarios, and accept or even celebrate us in all of our iterations of evolution.

But I know from scattered experience and from hearing many, many stories about the triggering nature of the holidays from friends and clients alike that some family systems are not so accepting, and that some very deep-rooted uncomfortable emotions can come up at the mere thought of trying to fit yourself into the box of those external expectations during this annual gathering.

Triggering questions and comments like...

“Are you dating anyone yet?” “How much have you been eating?” “How’s that little business you started going?” “When will you get a real job?” “What was that you posted about the full moon recently - you don’t believe in astrology, do you?”

...can quickly derail an attempt at a seamless encounter, no matter how much you try to suck it up and put on a smile.