My Biggest Meditation Hack

Hi, beautiful souls!

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a huge fan of meditation as a tool for spiritual growth, anxiety management, and mental wellness. In my experience, it’s the starting place from which other spiritual practices can start to flow. It’s the gateway to communication with the Divine. It’s a great way to start identifying with the quiet observer within.

But there’s one major problem with meditation that seems to vex so many souls looking to deepen their spiritual practice: Meditation can feel inaccessible!

When you think about it in the context of our world, it makes sense. Meditation goes against the grain of nearly everything we’ve been conditioned to value. For example…

· Our world is loud. Our minds are even louder. We’re used to surface noise. The quiet that meditation asks for feels foreign.

· Our world applauds logic and reason. We pride ourselves on the hustle and grind mentality. Meditation asks us to politely put that aside.

· Our world diminishes the importance of rest. Meditation asks us to dr