Stepping Into 5D Consciousness: What It Means & How to Do It

Hello dear souls! Well… we did it. The end of 2020 is here. If you’re reading this, you have overcome so much! You have breathed and pushed through adversity, the unknown, radical change, rude awakenings, and more. You have probably learned about yourself and those you love – perhaps more than you were ready for. But the Universe has been calling you to uplevel, and whether or not you were ready, it happened.

It’s continuing to happen, and will continue to happen into 2021. The vibration of planet earth is elevating, and we're along for the ride. Our souls will continue to go through constant ebbs and flows of transformation and rebirth. We will continue to peel back of layers of our conditioning (otherwise known as unlearning).

The good news is, it's all for the highest good. We're being challenged in this way for a reason. It’s pulling us back to our truest nature – pure Love. Our souls signed up to be part of this continuous process of remembering the Divinity within, forgetting, and remembering again.

Oh, to be human.

Even in difficult times of transition, there are so many victories and triumphs and joys along the way! Even the smallest moments of Divine connection and remembrance deserve to be celebrated. That tiny moment on your morning run where you felt like your body could do anything. That first sip of hot coffee in the morning.<