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Stepping Into 5D Consciousness: What It Means & How to Do It

Hello dear souls! Well… we did it. The end of 2020 is here. If you’re reading this, you have overcome so much! You have breathed and pushed through adversity, the unknown, radical change, rude awakenings, and more. You have probably learned about yourself and those you love – perhaps more than you were ready for. But the Universe has been calling you to uplevel, and whether or not you were ready, it happened.

It’s continuing to happen, and will continue to happen into 2021. The vibration of planet earth is elevating, and we're along for the ride. Our souls will continue to go through constant ebbs and flows of transformation and rebirth. We will continue to peel back of layers of our conditioning (otherwise known as unlearning).

The good news is, it's all for the highest good. We're being challenged in this way for a reason. It’s pulling us back to our truest nature – pure Love. Our souls signed up to be part of this continuous process of remembering the Divinity within, forgetting, and remembering again.

Oh, to be human.

Even in difficult times of transition, there are so many victories and triumphs and joys along the way! Even the smallest moments of Divine connection and remembrance deserve to be celebrated. That tiny moment on your morning run where you felt like your body could do anything. That first sip of hot coffee in the morning.

Those mini celebrations are the whole point of this life in my opinion. If we can find ways to celebrate our triumphs – however small – in the midst of what feels like collective chaos, we can do anything.

What were your triumphs? Did you finally come home to yourself after residing solely in the external world for a long time? Did you get to really, truly slow down? Did you learn something about yourself – what you like or don’t like, what is serving you and what needs to be released? Did you look yourself in the eyes and say, “I love you”? Did you learn a new skill? Did you educate yourself about systemic racism? Did you laugh, dance, or play?

It all deserves celebration. Take a moment to appreciate how resilient you are and how much you’ve overcome. Dang. You’re radiant.

So… you made it. You warrior, you. What happens now?

As we enter the year 2021, talk of 5th dimensional consciousness on earth has become more common. It started really getting loud around the time of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which ushered us more fully into the Age of Aquarius by landing in an air sign for the first time in 200 years, symbolizing fluidity, femininity, and flow.

Maybe you’ve heard of 5D, maybe you know it well (looking at you, mom), or maybe this is your first introduction to the term. Wherever you’re at, I’m here to delve into it today because whether or not you know it yet, it’s where we’re all heading! There is a big collective shift brewing and it’s all for the good. It’s all for the upleveling of our collective consciousness. You’re already feeling it, right?

So, we’re going to explore the meaning of 5D consciousness, what it looks like for us as individuals and as a whole human race, and how we can start aligning with it! If you feel at all intrigued by what I’ve said so far, you are meant to hear this information. Your soul signed up to be on the earth at this specific time! You are meant to be a leader during this transitional period on earth, and it’s your birthright to claim your title as a lightworker.

I’m certainly claiming mine! One of my main New Year's Revolutions (I’m calling it a revolution rather than a resolution this year because it symbolizes shedding the old and birthing the new) is to stop playing small and start recognizing my incredible power! I am connected to the Divine, am endlessly guided by spirit guides of all kinds, and I have a unique perspective to share! (You are and do too!) I am a lightworker, and it’s part of my soul contract to lead the collective in many ways, large and small, into this new earth energy.

Okay, here we gooooo! 5D energy, we’re ready for you.

What is 5th dimensional consciousness?

As humans, we currently live in a 3D reality. 3D doesn’t extend much beyond the material realm. It’s dense, fast-paced, and focused on external achievement. The 3D emphasizes physical appearance, monetary success, the hustle mentality, and every man for himself (notice how I didn't say "man or woman" because the patriarchy/sexism is also part of the limited 3D mentality!). 3D puts us under the illusion of separation. It forces us to see ourselves as individual entities moving through life at random rather than sparks of the same Divine source.

This 3D consciousness has worked for us humans for a long time. Particularly before major advances in machinery, agriculture, technology, medicine, and science – when meeting our basic needs was a constant and daily struggle – we had to function in 3D. We had no choice but to exist almost solely in the material realm. Mere survival was at the pinnacle of all we were.

For the past 200 years, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn has occurred in earth sign constellations, which have a more masculine vibration. This year, the Great Conjunction occurred in an air sign. This signifies a more feminine energy, egalitarianism, power of the people, scientific advancement, and working synergistically with rather than against the earth.

To summarize, the energy of the earth is moving towards more oneness and synergy. We can see this happening in some of the events of this year – there has been a huge cry for justice and a groundswell of movements to end oppression, separation, and systems built to harm Black, Brown and Indigenous members of society, women, LGBTQ folx, and others. We are still fighting for the rights of some to simply survive, but we’re also ready to look further than that. We’re ready to see everyone – especially our marginalized brothers and sisters and non-binary loves - thrive.

The way that astrological events are shifting the earth’s energy is calling us to raise our collective vibration and reimagine the world from the higher perspectives of love and unity. This is the 5th dimensional consciousness. In 5D, there is oneness rather than separation, love rather than fear, and the energetic is more prevalent than the physical. 5th dimensional consciousness sees no stranger. 5th dimensional consciousness remembers that we are all cut from the same cloth – Source, God, Magic, Universe, Spirit – and we are all infinitely powerful souls wrapped in skin. 5th dimensional consciousness sees no hierarchy in humanity – in 5D, we are all Love.

How does 5D show up in the world?

You might be thinking that the current state of our world seems very, very far away from 5D. It’s true, there is separation, hate, greed, and darkness cropping up all around us. In my opinion (this is just a personal interpretation), this is a last-ditch effort of the 3D to survive. It’s similar to the way the ego tries to hold us back from hearing our higher wisdom. The ego tries to keep us small, because stepping into our light and power is unfamiliar.

But we know better! As spiritual people seeking Divine connection, we are the lightworkers of this time who came to lead the collective forward. Together, we can embody the 5D consciousness by advocating for unity, building each other up with kindness and compassion, reimagining old structures that are no longer serving us, cultivating a oneness with mother earth, and working towards living in flow rather than friction.

This could look like getting involved in racial justice causes, holding space for friends who are grieving, going out of your way to center women and marginalized folx, questioning whether the institutions you’re part of are acting on love and unity rather than fear and division, working to take care of the environment, and calling on your own spiritual practices to help you move through the world from a heart-centered place.

At the individual level, 5D looks like knowing your power and using it for good, seeing others as part of you, doing your inner work, setting clear boundaries, and living in full flow and trust with the Universe. In short, any action you take to raise your vibration and align yourself with your Divine nature is a step towards 5th dimensional consciousness.

How can we start embodying it right now?

We can start embodying the 5D by committing deeply to our spiritual practices and working to apply them to our daily lives. It’s time to see our spirituality and our work, family, and personal lives as one unit rather than separate facets of our lives. Spirituality isn’t a hobby. It’s a remembrance of the Divinity that we inherently are.

My personal favorite practices for embodying 5D are meditation and journaling. These keep me centered and remind me who I am underneath all the external noise. Other practices include connection with nature, Reiki, EFT tapping, breathwork, self-care, and soul-gazing. The possibilities are truly endless.

When we start to embody the wisdom we glean from our spiritual practices, we not only raise our personal vibrations, but we also raise the vibration of the collective. When we get into a high enough vibrational space, that which isn’t serving us begins to naturally fall away. We set ourselves up to shed the things in our lives that are not vibing as high as we are – but with absolute love in our hearts for ourselves and all parties involved. There is no malice in 5D. Only love. Anything that isn’t love does not belong in your orbit.

Getting to the 5D consciousness also involves shadow work. We have to shed the fear and shame conditioning that’s holding us back from embodying our true power. Check out my post here for a deep dive on shadow work.

So, how are you feeling?? Are you ready to claim your power and begin consciously elevating yourself into the 5D?

If these ideas seem very far out there or scary in any way, don’t worry! This is all coming from a place of love and the best intentions. If it doesn’t resonate with you, that is absolutely fine. Return to your spiritual practice as often as you can and you will continue to grow and evolve in whatever way is perfect for you.

Going forward, as part of my own alignment with the 5D, I’ll be sharing more from the heart about these more “out there” concepts! These so-called “woo-woo” things are my true passion and what I crave more and more experience with. It feels true to me, and I will continue to share that which feels real and loving and true.

This means I’m not going to shy away from writing and speaking about big topics, going there (if you follow me on Insta you know), and sharing what feels authentic to my heart. My sharings will come from a place of love rather than fear. My layers of conditioning will continue to fall away, and I will always be vulnerable and honest about those processes. In short, I’m on this ride of expanding, sharing, learning, leading, and healing for the long-haul, and nothing would bring me more joy than for you to be there alongside me, claiming your own magnificent power.

Are you coming along for the ride?! Let’s elevate! Up up & away. Love you dearly.


D. K.
D. K.
Jul 05

I went through some big changes over the past year. I woke up and stepped into 5d consciousness. Waking up to how things really are was not easy at all. It was really tough and I actually lost touch with some friends while I was going through it. But now that it's been about a year, I finally feel like my true self again. It's been a long ride but I'm feeling good these days.


Could you call me please




I am right there with you all the way I say, yes, I do!

Maya Davis
Maya Davis
Mar 02, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, Elizabeth!


Gavra Lynn
Gavra Lynn
Jan 25, 2022

Thank you Love you & Appreciate You 🤍💜💙💙💙💚💛🧡❤🌎


Rodrigo Luciano
Rodrigo Luciano
Nov 23, 2021

Ohhh yeah baby, call me on Instagram rodrigogluciano peace love unity respect!!!! Mhuaaa from Portugal


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