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Want to know how to live in flow instead of friction? Read this.

Hey, beautiful soul!

I’m going to keep this super short and sweet today because I just have one quick tidbit that I need to share with you. It can’t wait!

Recently I’ve been contemplating how deeply disconnected from purpose and passion so many of us have become in today’s world. I’ve felt it in my own life, too. Days blur into weeks and months of going through the motions, yanking ourselves out of bed, putting on a happy face as we move through a day of to-do’s, and collapsing into a heap of exhaustion at the end of it all. We numb it out with Netflix or food or alcohol or all of the above, and start all over again the next day.

If this sounds familiar, please know first and foremost that there is nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a society that has taught us that living in a constant state of doing equates with success and fulfillment.

But as we move into the Age of Aquarius and the energy of the collective shifts towards the softer, more flowy and feminine energy of being, we have an opportunity to really examine our patterns and ask ourselves honestly: Is this working? Can I sustain this disconnected way of life? What needs to change?

If this is resonating so far, I want you to hear me out. Really let these next words sink in.

There is a way out of this vicious cycle. You do not have to continue living in this constant state of effort, pushing, and grinding that the world has taught you is the signature of success.

Here's why.

There is a power source of Love, light, joy, purpose, goodness, passion, and radiance available to you at all times. It is your innate right and ability to plug back into that source, charge yourself up, and then move through the world with your cup filled and your heart and soul at the forefront. Stemming from this Love is a multitude of Divine assistance at the ready for you, waiting for you to open up a line of communication and begin the process of co-creation. You don’t have to do this alone.

That Divine power and assistance is called Source energy. And it’s our birthright to tap into it. (Check out my Instagram reel about this topic here!)

Yay! This is good news. But it does beg the question: If we have access to this power source of Love at all times, why are so many people living from a place of lack and disconnect?

To put it plainly, we are a species with amnesia. We come to these bodies on earth and almost immediately forget where we came from and how expansive and anciently wise we really are.

Young children are exempt from this amnesia for a brief period of time. They are precious in that they give us a glimpse into our true nature. Think about how easily they laugh, love, dance, move, and express themselves. They are fully themselves, no reservations. They embody light and darkness in equal parts, allowing it all to flow effortlessly on through.

You once lived in this state of total ease and flow. It’s who you were when you first showed up in the world.

That’s because it’s your true nature.

You have always been as radiant as you were as a child, unapologetically your beautiful self. That’s the real you – not this worn down, exhausted version of you, clouded by conditioning and fear stories. That is a reflection of the world’s conditioning of the ego. Not of the soul. Your soul is infinitely magnificent.

So, how do we return? How do we get back to our true nature after so much forgetting? After so much detaching and disconnecting?

I’m going to tell you, dear soul. All of it. In depth. Tangible, hands-on, integrated. It’s all going to be revealed, step-by-step, at my Anchored in Source workshop this coming Saturday, live on Zoom. Sign up here!

I’m going to give you the keys back to your soul, remind you of the radiant master you have always been and always will be, and hold your hand as you build a practice of returning to your true nature that resonates with and works for your unique energy.

We’re going to talk about what lights you up and what brings you full-body joy. You’re going to connect one-on-one with your very own team of Divine assistance (aka your spirit guides – yay! They love you so much). You’re going to reflect on what it’s like to embody your fullest, truest self. And in creating the space to do so, you’re going to initiate the process of drawing that version of yourself back to the forefront of your life.

It is so within your power to reinvigorate and reconnect. The energy you create in your auric field is ultimately what will be magnetized back to you by the Law of Attraction. The workshop is here to get you started by reminding you of your wholeness. Nothing raises your vibration more quickly than stepping into this deepest truth: that you are whole, radiant, and powerful just as you are.

Are you ready? You're so worth it!

I can’t wait to see you shine. See you on Saturday, 1/30/21 at 12pm ET (or whenever is convenient for you, as I’ll be sending out a replay to all who sign up! Just make sure you watch it within 48 hours so that you can enter the GIVEAWAY! ;) )

For more information about the workshop, visit my events page here.

Until then, sending you so much love.



Scott Davis
Scott Davis
Jan 28, 2021

Maya - Your workshop sounds wonderful!


Jan 27, 2021

I love this Maya. So excited about recharging my sense of purpose and passion on Saturday. Feels like an open window with light shining in xo


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